Stop Work Authority: Injuries To Construction Workers

Stop Work Authority: Injuries to Construction Workers Can Be Prevented!

Can you, as a construction employee, prevent physical harm to yourself and your coworkers? New York law firms have been taking on case after case where the unfortunate occurrence of construction injury and even death take place due to lack of safety precautions — and these injuries are far too common and frequent an occurrence. There is something you can do, and it is officially referred to as "Stop Work Authority." A brief explanation follows, but a consultation with a New York construction injury attorney could help you to learn more.

What Is "Stop Work Authority"?

Through stop work authority, injuries like construction hand injury to workers can be prevented. Some workers may not know that they have this right, and that no legal repercussions will take place if they exercise it. It is your duty as a construction employee, contractor or BCI to bring a construction project to a halt in the event any risk of damage to personal safety, environment, property, or the reputation of a company is posed by the work.

Am I Required to Exercise My "Stop Work Authority"?

It is most certainly your duty as an employee, contractor or BCI to exercise stop work authority; injuries to construction workers are not work the risk of not saying something. If the working conditions or behaviors related to the project are considered to be unsafe, you are expected to exercise your right to stop the project until the safety has been evaluated and corrected as necessary. Failure to exercise this authority could result in potential liability along with the full legal repercussions associated.

Workers' Compensation Stop Work Authority

The New York Workers' Compensation Board may also exercise stop work authority if injuries to construction workers are potentially at stake, but that is not the only time this authority may be exercised. When a business does not have workers' compensation, the board has clearance to close the project or business down as a result.

To learn more, contact a New York construction injury lawyer to ask about stop work authority and any related legal issues and cases surrounding it.