Why We Are the Voice of the Injured

Raphaelson and Levine’s slogan represents the goals that we have always had for ourselves and the people we represent. The slogan is based on the core principles the firm was founded upon.

Listen and Understand the Voice of our Injured Client

We always understand and appreciate the needs of our clients and the frustrations and difficulties that they encounter in all aspects of their lives after an accident. People that are involved in accidents are not prepared for them. The accident completely interrupts and disrupts not only what they can do physically but all aspects of their lives. After accidents people have physical, economic, and communication challenges with friends and family.

Our job is to appreciate these difficulties and the frustrations that follow accidents and to be there to help them in any way post-accident. Our responsibilities are not limited to just things purely legal but rather to understanding the entirety of their life changes and to be there as a support for our clients in any way.

Let Our Clients’ Voice Be Heard Through the Entire Legal Process

While a client’s case is proceeding, their voice must always be heard from the beginning until the end. That includes communicating with the defendants and their insurance companies, communicating with the defendant’s attorneys, court personnel, judges, mediators and arbitrators.

Many of those opportunities, however, do not include the client’s own voice. It is therefore incumbent on us to advocate and let everyone involved in a case understand our clients and how a particular accident has personally affected them. Defendants and their attorneys and insurance companies always like to generalize and dehumanize, and we, on the other hand, want to personalize and put a VOICE TO THE INJURED. We want to know about our clients’ lives and their family and how things have changed post-accident. It is a personal relationship for each and every client that sets us apart from others and is why we are THE VOICE OF THE INJURED.