Verdicts & Settlements - Personal Injury Compensation

Building Collapses On
$40 Million Structured Settlement.
Psychiatric Patient Forcefully
Knocked To Ground
$8.5 Million Jury Award
Young Father killed in a
train accident
$5 Million Jury Award
Child paralyzed from
automobile seating design defect
$3.25 Million Mediated Settlement
Mason Fell 45 Feet From
$2.255 Million Mediated Settlement
Medical Error Results In
$2.2 Million Jury Award
Driver Struck By Delivered
$1.95 Million Mediated Settlement
Driver Struck By MTA
$1.75 Million Mediated Settlement
Husband And Wife Struck By
Duane Reade Truck
$1.7 Million Mediated Settlement
Business Executive Tripped
At Workplace
$1.65 Million Mediated Settlement
Union Paperhanger Falls At
Work Site
$1.1 Million Jury Award
Two Men Driving Struck Falling
Tree On Highway
$1.1 Million Settlement
Passenger In Auto Struck By
Transit Bus
$900 Thousand Court Settlement
Driverd Struck In Rear Required
Back Surgery
$900 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Elevator Mechanic Struck By
$850 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Family Struck By A Man
With Wooden Leg
$850 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Man Fell Overd Raised Carpet
In Card Store
$850 Thousand Court Mediated Settlement
Laborer Fell Off A
$840 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Pedestrian Struck And
$800 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Roofer Fell Thru A
$795 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Pedestrian Struck By A
$750 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Pedestrian Struck By A
$750 Thousand Settlement
Laborer Struck By Steel
$715 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Fall In Pet Land
$650 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Passenger In Cab Required Knee
$635 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Utility Worker Slipped In
Commercial Building
$600 Thousand Jury Award
Driver Struck By A Car That
Ran A Stop Sign
$550 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Motor Vehicle Accident
At Exit Ramp
$550 Thousand Mediated Settlement
Deliverd Man Slipped In
A & P Supermarket
$517 Thousand Jury Award
Pedestrian Struck By Unattended
Truck Left Running
$500 Thousand Mediated Settlement
NYPD Falsely Arrests School
$500 Thousand Jury Award
Doctor Fell In Front Of A
Hospital On Snow And Ice
$500 Thousand Jury Award

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