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Howard Raphaelson

Howard A. Raphaelson founded Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, P.C. in 1992 after graduating from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Established in New York, NY, his personal injury law firm has obtained numerous million-dollar verdicts. With over twenty-five years of experience as a personal injury attorney, he has earned a trusted reputation from his peers, judges, and top leaders, including recognition among the top 5% injury attorneys as a “Super Lawyer” (Thomson Reuters) and “New York’s Best Lawyers” (New York Magazine).

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Raphaelson and Levine’s Fighting for Workers’ Safety

Raphaelson and Levine lawyers’ visit to Albany this week was to ensure the very protections that the family of today’s skilled construction worker will rely upon and need to claim support for the economic loss that his death will cause. This man was unfairly killed by another falling crane. New York’s current law, known as…


Spinal cord injuries often caused by car wrecks

In New York and around the world, between 250,000 and 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury each year. Most of these injuries are preventable. One of the primary causes of spinal cord injury is motor vehicle accidents. The highest risk categories for spinal cord injury are young adult and elderly males and teen and…


Symptoms and treatment of a broken or dislocated jaw

A New York driver who becomes involved in a car crash could suffer a wide range of injuries, from brain damage to internal afflictions. If the person suffers an injury to their face, however, they could find themselves with a broken or dislocated jaw. A broken jaw means that the bone has fractured; a dislocated…


New York woman killed by SUV that crashed through store window

Police in New York have reported that a 66-year-old woman was killed and two other people were injured when an SUV crashed through the window of a cellphone store on the morning of March 30. The fatal accident took place on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck County at approximately 11 a.m. Police say that the…


New York Post analysis shows Manhattan has angriest drivers

With any big city, one can expect a high volume of people traveling on the roads; this is especially true in a city like New York City. The danger of an auto accident is always present, which makes it vital that all drivers be cautious and careful in their actions. According to a New York…


New York State Police target speeders

Speeding is very often negligence. Careless and aggressive driving is an unfortunate reality in our daily lives, and auto accidents have become a regular occurrence on New York highways and streets. When drivers violate speed limits, their reckless speeding puts everyone else on the road at risk. New York State police recently started a week-long,…


New York man killed by car while walking dog

Car accidents cause injury and death in New York and across the country on a daily basis. Too often, injuries and deaths in car accidents are caused by reckless driving. When a person is involved in an automobile accident it is required that all parties stop, exchange insurance information, and give aid, if necessary. A…


New York jogger killed in hit-and-run

There is never a good reason for not stopping after being involved in a car accident. A hit and run driver, if caught and arrested, could face severe criminal penalties. Leaving the scene of an accident is considered a crime. Where the accident involves serious bodily injury or death, the crime is categorized as a…


New York man dies in early morning car crash

Reckless driving is very common today. More and more people are showing carelessness that is resulting in terrible accidents. Reckless driving leads to serious injuries and at times, even death. Speed limits are intended to keep traffic moving at a safe speed. Unfortunately, some drivers see these speed limits as inconvenient or unimportant, ignoring them…


New York father dies in hit-and-run crash

A New York husband and father was killed in a hit-and-run crash on Long Island. The 50-year-old man was hit and killed while walking from a Long Island restaurant. The motor vehicle accident happened when he left his birthday celebration to move his car. Later, his wife and two daughters found his body on the…


New York rollover accident injures 6, police investigate

Police from northern New York are reporting that a 17-year-old driver lost control of her vehicle while exiting the highway. She and her five passengers were injured as the vehicle rolled over into a roadside snow bank. Fortunately, the vehicle rollover only caused minor injuries, but all six of the people in the vehicle —…


Court rules motorcycle helmet traps Constitutionally OK

“Let those who ride decide” is the frequently-heard cry when the topic of mandatory helmets for motorcyclists comes up. In the Empire State, the decision is made for them and a federal court just proclaimed a controversial police enforcement tactic is indeed legal. New York is one of 19 states that requires head protection, and the New…


Toyota to shell out a billion to settle recall claims

The hits just keep on coming for Toyota. Hits against the company’s bank account, that is. The automaker will shell out more than $1 billion to settle claims over unintended acceleration in several models and faulty brakes in Prius hybrids. Details still have to be approved by the federal judge overseeing the cases. Literally, hundreds…


Spinal Surgery Alert Involving Medtronic Implants

Medical Malpractice can occur when Medtronic Implants are improperly used during spinal surgery. The New York medical malpractice lawyers of the Raphaelson and Levine Law Firm P.C. and the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Firm through our joint resources have identified improperly used Medtronic devices as an area of potential malpractice. September 4, 2008, Wall Street…


New York Tractor-trailer Accident Injures Two

A tractor-trailer, carrying a load of plastic coat hangers, rolled over on a New York highway. The truck accident happened during rush hour when the truck went into the westbound lane and tipped over. The accident also involved two SUVs driven by a Vermont man and a man from New Jersey. The driver of the…


Do You Have Sufficient Auto Insurance Coverage

The Raphaelson Law Firm encourages all New Yorkers to ensure that they have sufficient insurance to protect their families and themselves in the event an accident were to occur. Please review the information contained on the New York State Insurance Department Website. We are always happy to perform a free comprehensive review of your current…


Stay Slim Scam

The Stay Slim Weight Loss Centers located throughout New York claimed to sell healthy low fat, low carb, low-calorie food. The only thing they were selling was lies. Stay Slim Centers have been exposed for using ‘phony’ low calorie, carb, and fat claims on its diet food. The State Department of Agriculture and Markets analyzed…


Tort Reform: In A Surprise Announcement, Gingrich Comes Out Against Tort Reform

The two frontrunners du jour for the GOP presidential nomination have similar views on a number of issues. But not, surprisingly, on one important issue anymore. While former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney favors the idea of curtailing the civil rights of citizens, Newt Gingrich, contrarily, is the latest of the GOP contenders to eschew the…


Tort Reform: Where the 2012 Presidential Candidates Stand–Mitt Romney

Viewers of the televised debates between candidates seeking the republican nomination for president of the United States have heard a lot of talk over the past few months from the seven men, and one woman left standing in a contest that has become at once a contentious melodrama, and at times a silly, gaffe-prone side…


Tragic Accident in Poughkeepsie

Our office represented the Estate of a young mother who was tragically struck and killed by a tow truck. Making the event even more unfortunate, the date of the accident was her youngest sons’ birthday. Our office established that our client sustained ‘pre-impact’ terror based on the testimony of the driver of the tow truck….


Raphaelson & Levine Takes on Corporate America

In two recent cases, the New York lawyers of Raphaelson and Levine took on Corporate America in pursuit of justice for our clients. In the first case, Andrew Levine brought a claim for a client against the Trump Condominium Organization. Andrew was able to secure a substantial confidential settlement after our client had a physical…


Proudly Serving New York Since 1992

Located near Penn Station, our law firm serves Nassau County, Rockland County, Suffolk County, Westchester and all other cities and counties in New York, including the five boroughs of New York City: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, & Staten Island. View All Awards ➝

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Distracted drivers caused 20 percent of NYC’s traffic accidents in October

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In June 2015, more than 3,700 accidents in NYC attributed to distracted driving

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Experts warn taking photos while driving is dangerous

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1 In 5 Brain Injuries Are The Result Of An Automobile Accident

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Would More Left Turn Signals Prevent Pedestrians Injuries And Deaths?

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Worker Fatally Injured After 10-Story Fall At Manhattan Construction Site

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Woman injured in the Bronx when manhole cover tears through bus floor

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Motor vehicle accidents and concussions

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Woman, 56, Dies After Being Hit By Car in Bronx

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Why popping that sleeping pill at night can cause problems during a morning commute

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Why isn’t anyone tracking accidents involving Uber drivers in NYC?

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Why are so few criminal charges filed against drivers who violate pedestrian laws?

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Motorcycle accidents can happen to the best of riders

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When a loved one is killed in a motor vehicle accident

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Motorcyclists face multitude of disadvantages on roadways

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Surviving A Rollover Car Accident

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Vision Zero’s reliance on hard data seems to be paying off

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National Work Zone Awareness Week Helps Save Lives

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Two brothers involved in fatal crash on Long Island, NY

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Trucking industry pushes back against fleet fitness proposal

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Tragic Accident in Poughkeepsie


Tracy Morgan returns to TV after horrible accident with semi

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Toyota to shell out a billion to settle recall claims

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Tort Reform: Where the 2012 Presidential Candidates Stand–Mitt Romney

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Tort Reform: In A Surprise Announcement, Gingrich Comes Out Against Tort Reform

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Tips for not letting the sun cause a car accident

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Three lives end in tragic truck crash

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The prevalence of SUV rollover accidents

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The many and unexpected symptoms associated with a TBI

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1 Dead in Commuter NJ Transit Train Accident at Hoboken Station

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The Fight For Justice

Don't Drive Drunk

New York drunk driving crash kills 1 woman on New Year’s Day

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New York father dies in hit-and-run crash

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New York jogger killed in hit-and-run

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The difference between economic and noneconomic damages

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TechRepublic: New York Times botched Tesla tragedy

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New York man dies in early morning car crash

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New York man killed by car while walking dog

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Symptoms and treatment of a broken or dislocated jaw

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The Driver’s Guide To Surviving Pothole Season In New York

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New York motorcycle rally marred by motorcyclist death

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New York Post analysis shows Manhattan has angriest drivers

Car Rolled Over

New York rollover accident injures 6, police investigate

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Supplemental Underinsured Motorist Coverage

New York State Dog Laws

New York State Leash Law (And 3 Other Dog Laws Every Owner Should Know)


New York State Police target speeders

New York Tractor-trailer Accident Injures Two

Many Cracks In Glass

New York woman killed by SUV that crashed through store window

Man Holding Helmet

NHTSA report: 2013 motorcycle crash data shows amazing risks

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NTSB report focuses on engineer’s role in Amtrak train 188 crash

New York Fireworks

New York Firework Laws (2020)

Group Construction

NYC Construction Accident Protections

NY Buildings By Park

NYC DOT initiatives successful at improving overall street safety


NYC is mourning as an off duty police officer lost his life in a preventable Crash

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NYC pedestrians advised to thread lightly as 6 are hit and 4 killed in 2 days

NYC Police Vehicle Runs Over & Kills Teacher

NYC To Require Side Guard Rails On Commercial Trucks By 2024

NYC City Lights

NYPD charge cab driver after fatal accident

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Pedestrian accident in New York kills 1, injures 1

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Pedestrians with Right of Way find new protection in New York City

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Spinal Surgery Alert Involving Medtronic Implants

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Spinal cord injuries often caused by car wrecks

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Speeding New York City SUV strikes, kills woman in crosswalk

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Specialized NY police squad investigates traffic deaths

Slip and Fall in the Bronx yields six figure settlement

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Playskool Voluntarily Recalls Toy Tool Benches After the Death of Two Toddlers

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School vehicle and dump truck crash in New York

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Police continue to investigate fatal subway train accident

Scaffold Safety Supporters Rally in Albany

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Saving yourself from financial burdens post-accident

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