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New York City is built on the water. Much of the city is actually on the water and many New Yorkers either travel on the water or work on or near the water every day. This level of activity on or near the water also includes the possibility of accidents and serious injuries happening.

Two major water-related activities that can lead to injuries include:

  • Boating — New Yorkers and visitors to our cities often take advantage of traveling by water. Ferries, water taxis, party boats, fishing boats, charter boats and cruise ships all carry passengers in our waters. When accidents happen on these boats, it is important to document what has happened as thoroughly as possible to help build a strong case.
  • Dock building — Dock building can be a dangerous profession. Working on, near or under the water adds a layer of risk that few other professions have to contend with. While most dock workers are highly skilled and understand the precautions they need to take to be safe, accidents can still happen.

Our firm has extensive experience in crafting the most highly effective personal injury cases for our clients. If you were injured in a boating or dock building accident, we can help you.

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