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NYC Construction Accident Protections

Construction workers in New York City have one of the most dangerous jobs that any worker can perform. Working at significant heights creates serious danger that must always be safely protected against with any and all safety equipment and precautions. Safety training for construction workers is a MUST. Not only does work at heights create [...]

Vision Zero

The Raphaelson and Levine Law Firm has been representing New York City pedestrians for the past 20 years. Over that time period we have unfortunately seen many pedestrians struck by speeding cars on the streets of New York City. Many of these accidents could have been avoided and lives saved if cars were traveling at [...]

Personal Injury: Construction Job Site Accidents Laws

Labor Law 240-241 Is Often Misrepresented By Opponents Of The Statute, Says Top New York Construction Accident Lawyer Labor laws in New York State, in particular sections 240 and 241, commonly referred to as the "Safe Place to Work Law," or the "Scaffolding Law," are under constant assault by contractors and developers to weaken them [...]

Ready For Trial In The Bronx

Raphaelson And Levine Resolve Pedestrian's Lawsuit Against Negligent MTA Road Supervisor For $1.3 Million The case was prepared and ready for trial. Three orthopedic surgeons concluded our client, a 50 year old Female resident of the Bronx and home nursing aid, would never return to work and would require a ankle fusion for her surgically [...]

NYC to require side guard rails on commercial trucks by 2024

Densely populated cities like New York City pose many challenges with regard to transportation and safety. With millions of residents, commuters and visitors crowding New York City's streets on a daily basis, it's imperative that city planners and administrators work to ensure for the safety of all drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Any time you have [...]

1 Dead in Commuter NJ Transit Train Accident at Hoboken Station

Today’s Train accident in Hoboken was a horrible tragedy and reports are that more than 100 people have been injured. There has also sadly been a report of one fatality. Our region has faced some very sad news in the last few weeks. Although we all understand that unfortunately accidents are not something that can [...]

Despite new safety technologies, rollover accidents will still occur

While every car or truck accident has the potential to result in those drivers and passengers involved suffering serious, debilitating or fatal injuries; rollover accidents are among the most deadly. This is often particularly true in cases where a vehicle occupant isn't wearing a seat belt and is ejected from or comes into contact with [...]

What Is No Fault Insurance?

No-fault insurance is separate from any bodily injury claim or lawsuit a cyclist would have for injuries suffered in the crash. Your lawyer should handle both parts of the claim for you. If you are riding a bike in New York and get in an accident with a motor vehicle you are entitled to no-fault [...]

Suffering from a personal injury? Secure compensation for future losses

  When your life is turned around by a serious injury, your current financial challenges are only part of the story. While rising medical bills, property damage and loss of wages should all be a part of your personal injury lawsuit, it is also critical to evaluate future losses. Now is the time to develop [...]

No-Fault Benefits: Know Your Rights

Anytime someone in New York State is involved in a motor vehicle crash, they are entitled to no-fault benefits. This means, no matter who is at fault for the crash, hence the word “no-fault,” the injured person can immediately receive $50,000 of medical benefits and lost wages (capped at $2,000 per month for wages). The [...]