Manhattan Family Recovers After Landlord Boards Fire Escape

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We are proud to announce that last week, justice was delivered for a young Manhattan boy and his parents after they suffered due to their landlord’s negligence during an apartment fire in the Spring of 2015. Today, we are happy to disclose that both parents and the young child have made a full recovery from this incident!

In 2015, the family sustained smoke inhalation injuries after a fire, that began on the first floor, began spreading into their residence. Unfortunately, the landlord had previously boarded up the fire escape, making it extremely difficult to exit the building and thereby exposing the family and their young child to the black smoke.

According to the New York State Department of Health, inhaling smoke from a fire can present both immediate (acute) and chronic health effects, including headaches, reduced alertness, lung cancer and/or cardiovascular disease. In children, smoke inhalation increases their risk of adverse effects.

After a legal battle lasting almost two years, an infant’s “compromise order” was recently entered into at the Supreme Court in Manhattan signifying the conclusion of the case. We are proud to make this announcement on behalf of our clients, and we are elated to announce that the family is now fully healthy.

This matter was handled by Steven Gershowitz, Esq., a Senior Associate at Raphaelson and Levine. At Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, we fight and will continue to fight for each and every person we represent, no matter their age, income or status. To view more results, visit our recent verdicts and settlements.