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Safe Winter Driving Survival Tips

Every winter, New York City gets its fair share of cold weather and snow. However, this season snowstorms are something we’re all going to remember. As city crews work to clear the roads and residents attempt to dig out from the mounds of snow covering the walkways, sidewalks, and parked vehicles; city officials are concerned…

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Bus Driver Spokesperson Has Harsh Words For NYC Pedestrians

In 2014, Mayor Bill de Blasio signed the Right of Way Law which sought to punish drivers who disregard traffic laws and put the lives…

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Mom With Child Decorating For Christmas

Holiday Safety Tips — From Christmas Trees to Candles

When you’re getting ready for the holidays, you have a ton of things to do. No matter how busy you are, though, take the time…

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NY Christmas With Children

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips: A Guide to Children’s Toys

What do a plush elephant pillow, a plastic hammer, and a slingshot-like device that shoots out balls of slime have in common? They all appeared,…

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Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

Black Friday Safety Tips To Avoid Discounting Your Health This Holiday Season

From fist fights to identity theft, shopping on Black Friday brings a few safety risks all holiday gifters should know. A few years ago, a Black Friday shopping…

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Halloween Safety Tips For Parents

26 Spooktacular Halloween Safety Tips For Parents (2018)

It’s almost Halloween! Kids are getting excited and for good reason. This is a holiday where memories are made that last a lifetime – not to…

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Bullying Is On The Rise in NYC, Here’s How Parents Can Fight Back

A recent study reports that bullying in New York City Schools has increased 10% over the past year. Parents can fight back by knowing their legal…

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USA Flag With Splashes Of Red, White, Blue

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Labor Day Holiday Safely

By far, the best thing you can do to enjoy a safe Labor Day weekend is to use common sense on the road. Whether you…

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People At Sunset

Worker Fatally Injured After 10-Story Fall At Manhattan Construction Site

Manhattan, N.Y.– Another construction tragedy demonstrates the need for stricter enforcement of safety laws in New York City. Monday, authorities reported Roger Vail, a 62…

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