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How to Avoid the Most Common OSHA Violations with Technology

American workers owe their lives to federal health and safety standards. These rules, created and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), are all designed to prevent injury on the job. Of course, following these standards has additional benefits for employers, from passing inspections and avoiding harsh fines to keeping workers as productive,…

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Hosting an Event This Summer? Know Your Legal Duties!

Few times of year are better than summer for hosting a spectacular event or party in New York City. Whether you are planning a large…

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New York State Dog Laws

New York State Leash Law (And 3 Other Dog Laws Every Owner Should Know)

While New Yorkers may get a reputation as tough-minded, resilient people, it’s clear that New York State has a soft spot for dogs. In fact,…

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New York City Bicyclists

6 Bike Safety Tips For NYC Cyclists

As the weather turns warmer, more and more New Yorkers are taking advantage of the health and economic benefits of bike riding, as seen in…

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Car Tire In A Pothole

The Driver’s Guide To Surviving Pothole Season In New York

Spring — the season that brings balmy days, budding trees, and colorful flowers to New York City streets also brings something much less welcome —…

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National Work Zone Awareness Week Helps Save Lives

Construction workers on NYC roads make much-needed repairs and improvements that help keep us all safe. Yet the workers themselves face danger from motorists who…

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NYC Construction Accident Protections

Construction workers in New York City have one of the most dangerous jobs that any worker can perform. Working at significant heights creates serious danger…

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NYC To Require Side Guard Rails On Commercial Trucks By 2024

Densely populated cities like New York City pose many challenges with regard to transportation and safety. With millions of residents, commuters and visitors crowding New…

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Train Tipped On Side

1 Dead in Commuter NJ Transit Train Accident at Hoboken Station

Today’s Train accident in Hoboken was a horrible tragedy and reports are that more than 100 people have been injured. There has also sadly been…

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