$950K Pedestrian Accident Injury Award

As a vehicle was attempting a left turn, it struck our client resulting in serious injury. Our client had the right of way as she...

As a vehicle was attempting a left turn, it struck our client resulting in serious injury. Our client had the right of way as she was walking in the crosswalk when inexplicably, the driver turned through the crosswalk and smashed into her. Our client was sent sprawling through the air and driven into the ground; the impact of the vehicle resulted in numerous rib fractures and a head injury. Unfortunately, when her head struck the roadway, it led to subarachnoid hemorrhage.

As a result of the brain injury, she had limited recall of the events and required extensive medication and treatment. She routinely required follow-ups with a neurologist and psychologist. Raphaelson & Levine retained a leading brain injury rehabilitation specialist who performed a thorough assessment and developed a treatment program. Utilizing sophisticated medical technology, he was able to determine that previously undetected injuries were present in the axons of the gray and white brain matter.

Andrew Levine and Narciso Garcia aggressively litigated her case in Kings County Supreme Court. At each step, the firm sought and won various court rulings for her, including:

  • Summary judgment on the issue of liability
  • Summary judgment on the issue of serious injury, an order precluding the defendant from testifying and an order granting a trial preference.

Today at mediation Andrew Levine and Howard Raphaelson brought the matter to a successful resolution securing recovery of $950,000 from a policy of insurance that provided a maximum recovery of 1 million dollars.

“This settlement guarantees our client’s future needs are met and gave her a strong and meaningful measure of justice. We’re all grateful for the justice that she and family received today.” – Andrew Levine

COURT: Kings County Supreme Court

LOCATION: New York City, NY

COMPENSATION: $950K Pedestrian Accident Injury Award


Andrew Levine | NYC Injury Attorney

Andrew Levine

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