Preventing Accidents by Knowing Right of Way Rules

New York drivers can help prevent being involved in certain accidents by learning when they have the right of way on the road. Though there is an established order when dealing with the right of way, it is important to remember that sometimes yielding the right of way, even when the other driver is incorrect, might help avoid a car accident. Vehicles going straight through an intersection or turning right have the right of way when another vehicle is turning left. This is true even if both vehicles arrived at the intersection at the same time.

This can prevent a car accident, especially when the left-turning driver poses the risk of moving into on-coming traffic. There are right of way protocols for vehicles that stop at right angles from each other at intersections with no signs or signals. The vehicle on the right, in this type of case, has the right of way. Vehicles that are already on the road also have the right of way when other automobiles are attempting to merge from driveways, alleys, private roadways or anywhere off-road. Drivers must also yield to existing traffic at rotaries. When attempting to enter a roadway, drivers must also yield to pedestrians.

Finally, if traffic is congested and a vehicle cannot cross at an intersection, the driver must not enter the intersection until traffic clears up to avoid stopping in the middle of the intersection. Knowing the rules of the right of way can be helpful for New York drivers as they maneuver through busy traffic. It might also mean the difference between avoiding and causing an accident. If a person is harmed because of a driver who violates the right of way rules, the injured may choose to file a personal injury claim.

Andrew Levine
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