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If you’ve been involved in a truck accident, it's important to have a Queens truck accident lawyer who understands what you're going through and has the trusted reputation and trial experience to help you get maximum compensation for your injuries.

Dealing with the aftermath of a truck wreck can be overwhelming with the stress of insurance claims, doctor's visits, and trying to get back to your life. You may have many questions and don't know where to start. 

With over 30 years of experience as the “voice of the injured,” the Queens truck accident attorneys at Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm have helped thousands of truck accident victims like yourself recover justice. 

We offer free consultations so you can discuss your case with an experienced personal injury attorney without any obligation, and we only get paid if we win your case. 

Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us help you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries. With years of experience fighting for the rights of injured victims, we know how to win truck accident lawsuits like yours. 

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How the Queens truck accident attorneys at Raphaelson & Levine can help

Any type of New York commercial truck accident is going to be met with high-powered attorneys who are working to reduce the amount of compensation paid to you, the victim. The trucking company has professionals representing them.

Our goal at Raphaelson & Levine is to provide you with the same level of legal support and guidance, so you get the compensation owed to you from those insurance companies. After a devastating accident like this, you need help for your losses.

Our law firm works to stand by your side throughout this process. 

Take a few minutes to consider what makes us your ideal choice for personal injury lawyers. 

Our experienced lawyers know how to negotiate with all insurance companies to ensure that you get everything you are fairly owed:

  • Truck Driver’s Insurance Agency
  • Trucking companies’ insurance agency
  • Truck manufacturer’s insurance agency
  • The victim’s insurance agency

How much is my truck accident case worth?

After a car accident, you may have numerous medical bills. When 18-wheelers or a semi-truck strikes a person, another vehicle, or other objects, they may cause numerous injuries. This could include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries from head injuries, and death. In all of these situations, it’s critical to understand what your losses are. 

With the help of your Queens, New York personal injury attorney, you’ll learn more about the potential types of losses you have. The goal is to determine what you lost by looking at all angles of your injuries and what occurred to you following the accident. 

You may have missed time at work, suffered emotional trauma, and lost the ability to enjoy your life as you did. All of this adds up. 

Your truck accident claim is dependent on those losses. Our goal is to help you determine what those may be and then to help you pursue them in a court of law. During your initial consultation, we may be able to provide more insight into how much your truck accident case is worth. 

How long do I have to file a truck accident lawsuit in Queens, New York?

In many truck accident cases, you have 3 years under New York law to file a personal injury claim. This is the statute of limitations in the state. You do not want to delay filing your claim, as that could limit your ability to obtain compensation. 

That includes injuries that occur in Queens, Nassau County, the Bronx, Brooklyn, New York City or other cities in the state.

However, if your case is beyond or approaching that time, you should still call and speak to our personal injury attorneys. Allow our team to help you learn if you still have an opportunity to file a claim for your losses.

Who can be held responsible if I was hurt in a truck accident?

After a car accident, you may believe that the person responsible is the other big rig driver. That is not always the only person liable. As a part of the legal process, it’s necessary to consider which parties may be to blame for what’s occurred.

Depending on the evidence in your case, other parties may be responsible for the losses you have. A more detailed analysis of what’s occurred is necessary to reach a conclusion here. Some potential entities that could be at fault include:

  • The company that owns the truck
  • The truck driver
  • The truck leasing company
  • The company that inspects and maintains the truck
  • The trucking company that loaded the cargo
  • The truck driver’s employer
  • The manufacturer of a defective part used in the truck causing the accident

Can you be held responsible for the losses?

Contributory negligence may play a role in the truck accident claim you make. If it is established that you were at least somewhat at fault for the incident, you could be responsible for some of the loss.

In a court of law, if a judge finds that you are 10% negligent in the accident due to the actions you took or did not take, that may mean that any compensation paid to you as a result of the negligence of others is reduced by that 10%.

 Because it is not uncommon for truck insurance companies to try to blame you for some or all of the truck accident injuries, especially when there are catastrophic injuries involved, it’s always important to work closely with an experienced law office who can minimize this risk, in some cases.

Common types of serious and catastrophic truck accident injuries

After a truck crash, it’s common to see a lot of different types of injuries. Many factors play a role in those injuries, such as the speed at which the vehicle was struck, the angle it was hit, the type of vehicle, and the road conditions. Some of the more common types of accident injuries that may occur include:

  • Head injuries: This includes strikes to the head as well as the rapid back-and-forth motion that can cause whiplash to occur. It may also include traumatic brain injuries from direct damage to the brain.
  • Broken bones: Any bone in the body may be broken during an accident with large trucks, depending on where it hit.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Damages to the spinal cord as well as the spinal column may lead to serious mobility issues, including paralysis.
  • Lacerations and soft tissue damage: These may be brought on by a wide range of incidents, such as striking sharp metal or being compressed between two hard surfaces.
  • Wrongful death: If a loved one lost their life as the result of an accident, it may be possible for close family members to pursue financial compensation for those losses through a wrongful death claim

What is the truck accident lawsuit process in Queens, NY?

Seeking legal advice from your truck accident attorney is one of the most important things you can do when you hope for a fair settlement. No matter how well you think you have medical expenses organized or your injury claim completed, it’s often better to have legal guidance. Here’s what you can expect.

Speak with a Queens truck wreck attorney

 After motor vehicle accidents involving serious injury, it is often beneficial to seek a consultation with an attorney to understand your legal rights. An experienced Queens truck accident attorney can answer many of the questions you have. 

They can also help by discussing the timeline of your case and providing you with information on what to do next. A free case evaluation may be the first step for you at this point.

Sign an engagement agreement

During your initial consultation, you will learn more about your rights, but you will also learn more about the services we can offer to you. We’ll also begin a case review to gather as much information about the collision and its impact on you, including medical losses, property damage, and other ways you’ve suffered.

Once we fully understand your case, we can then help you if you sign an agreement to officially start our lawyer-client relationship. Once you do that, we’ll take care of everything and serve as the point of communication with you and other attorneys or insurance companies. Don’t discuss your case with anyone else. Don’t answer questions or sign anything from insurance companies. 

Discovery: Collect, investigate & prove negligence

It is not uncommon for there to be some discrepancies in information shared by truckers or the victim in a tractor-trailer accident. Our attorneys have overcome situations where witnesses and police reports are not accurate. 

That includes in the assignment of fault. There may be errors related to misinterpretation of statements or making false or inaccurate statements.

During this part of the case review, we will investigate and reconstruct the collision scenario as necessary. We can also gather evidence in the case from speaking to witnesses, reviewing traffic camera footage, and reviewing all police reports. 

We can also look at medical records, insurance reports, and other documents related to your case. Then, we will speak with the truck company and insurance reps, and adjustors to ensure all data is accurate.

Issue a demand letter for your truck accident injuries

Once evidence is collected and reviewed, and we’ve built a solid case, we will draft and send a personal injury demand to the liable parties. 

When working with an experienced Queens truck accident lawyer, you will have outstanding support throughout this process as we work to ensure your legal rights remain protected.

Negotiating a fair truck accident lawsuit settlement

Once we’ve sent the demand letter, the insurance company can accept, or more often, try to negotiate the terms and present a counter-offer. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to negotiate with all parties to maximize your compensation. 

In a situation where an agreement can’t be reached, we will be prepared to file a lawsuit to bring to trial. 

Bringing your truck accident lawsuit to trial for a jury verdict

If demands go unanswered or the insurance company will not negotiate, we will take your claim to trial and present your case to a jury. Our trial attorneys have decades of experience in the toughest cases and have earned our clients more than $700 million in damages.

 Your claim can be overwhelming. You may not know what to do right now, or you may have lots of questions. That’s normal, and we want to help you. If you have questions about the truck accident claim process or would like to speak to an attorney about your case, contact us online or read our frequently asked questions.

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Our goal is to ensure you get the help you need. Take a closer look at some of our motor vehicle verdicts and settlements to see what we’ve done to help others. 

We’re passionate about helping each of our clients through these difficult legal battles.

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