Compensation Amount
Bronx County Supreme Court
New York City, NY

In the first action, Steven Gershowitz represented a woman who tripped and fell in a tree well. The tree well was under repair by an unknown contractor hired by the city at the time. Our client fell to the ground and struck her shoulder. This injury ultimately required surgery. Steven Gershowitz settled this matter during the third day of trial for $140,000. Steven said it is through lawsuits like this one that we will force the city to keep the streets and sidewalks safe for all New Yorkers.

In the second action, Jason Krakower was victorious for a client injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our client who was unseatbelted at the time sustained a shoulder and neck injury. The vehicles involved had no damage at all, and the Defendant had a Biomechanical Expert set to testify that it was impossible for anyone to be hurt in such a minor accident. Jason was still able to secure a substantial settlement during the trial’s second day.

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