Compensation Amount
Rockland Supreme Court
Rockland County, NY

When a six-year-old suffered a playground injury due to negligent camp supervision, their family retained our firm to hold them responsible for their inactions.During the course of the day, the young child was playing with two other children on a tire swing. The victim was pushing the swing for their friends when the tire swing swung backward, aggressively colliding with their body. The collision knocked our client against a metal pole, resulting in leg injuries which included a fractured femur.

The victim was transported to Westchester Medical Center, in Valhalla. Initially placed in traction, her injury was ultimately addressed via closed reduction: the application of a cast. Her hospitalization spanned 19 days.

The victim’s father alleged that the camp’s staff was negligent in its supervision of his daughter and retained our firm to retained to bring a lawsuit against the popular summer camp after they failed to supervise the children and a chaotic environment ensued.

The defense counsel contended that the camps and school are not charged with ensuring children’s safety at every possible moment. They also contended that the victim was not involved in an inherently dangerous activity and that she assumed the risk of any injury that may have occurred.

Our firm argued the playground injury would have been entirely avoidable even with the most minimal supervision, securing a structured playground injury lawsuit settlement which will provide our client in excess of $1,000,000 over their lifetime.

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