Compensation Amount
New York Supreme Court
New York City, NY

After a laborer was injured while working at a large scale construction project in downtown New York City, they turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help. Our client was hired to place waterproofing material down on a partially demolished roof on a property owned by the City of New York but was not provided with any safety equipment or fall protection.

Suddenly, the roof he was standing on collapsed leading him to fall down nearly 15 feet into a stairwell below, shattering numerous bones including his pelvis and multiple ribs upon impact and sustaining additional injuries to his neck and back.

Our firm aggressively litigated the matter in New York Supreme Court, where, during litigation, the defendants requested that the matter be mediated. The mediation was unsuccessful in resolving the case due to a multitude of insurance issues, and our firm continued proceeding aggressively towards trial. Leading up to the trial, our client, with advice from our firm, made the decision to turn down three seven-figure offers.

After exhaustive discovery, including upwards of ten depositions, we moved for summary judgment. Attorney Steven November authored exceptional papers and the Court granted our client summary judgment versus both the City of New York and the General Contractor.

Our client placed his confidence in our firm to provide him with a voice. Through skilled negotiation partner Andrew Levine successfully delivered a $2.5 million dollar settlement which will provide guaranteed compensation to our client for the full extent of his injuries, and will hopefully serve an important lesson to contractors throughout New York about job-site safety.

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