Compensation Amount
Queens Supreme Court
Queens, NY

The firm represented one of New York's boldest, a captain in the New York City Department of Corrections.Our client had organized a retirement party for a co-worker at a restaurant in Queens. Unbeknownst to him what started as a nice gesture for a colleague, turned into his own premature retirement party.

A metal saddle projected past a door frame creating a toe trap, a tripping hazard. As he was walking through the doorway his toe got stuck, causing his body to be propelled forward down three steps and crashing down on his shoulder. As a result of the fall, the victim's shoulder was dislocated which ultimately required an arthroscopic surgery.

The restaurant defendant aggressively litigated the case claiming they were not liable. In what can only be described as litigation warfare, successive motions to dismiss the case were made - which at one point, resulted in the case being dismissed.

Our firm refused to back down and battled every step of the way, refusing to deny justice to our client. We successfully moved to reargue the decision and have the matter fully restored by convincing the Supreme Court Justice that they had overlooked important facts.

The case was successfully resolved at a mediation by firm partner Andrew Levine at NAM. The settlement will serve to compensate our client for his tremendous pain and suffering.

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