Compensation Amount
Nassau County, NY

A 43-year-old construction worker in Nassau county was awarded $300,000. Our client was installing bathroom tile on the upstairs level of a private residential home under new construction. The general contractor required our client to exit the home via a ladder from a second floor window in the bathroom because other workers were constructing the interior staircase at the same time. The general contractor had scheduled multiple trades to work at the same time because he was behind on his construction schedule. Although the ladder was not broken, our client was not assisted while exiting the window and descending the second floor via ladder and sadly fell to the ground sustaining a wrist fracture and vertebrae fractures.

The defendant’s argument that the ladder was not broken and that plaintiff caused his own accident failed. The law supported our client’s claim that the defendant was responsible for failing to supervise and safeguard our client while he exited the second floor via ladder.

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