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New York, NY

After a 60-year-old New York man slipped and fell while exiting an elevator in his residential co-op building, he turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help. During our investigation, we identified witnesses who confirmed that wetness existed on the floor which the building owner was aware of prior to the incident.

Additionally, there were no mats or warnings signs to prevent the accident. Also although video surveillance captured the accident, the defendants failed to preserve the video which is a violation once defendants become aware that litigation may occur.

When the slip and fall victim came to our firm, he had pre-accident recommendations for spinal surgery to his cervical and lumbar spine. His longstanding condition, known medically as spinal stenosis, existed throughout his neck and back.

Spinal stenosis pain in the neck and back is called cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis and is a condition which means that there is potential compression of the spinal cord. Unfortunately, the spinal cord compression can lead to serious problems such as extreme weakness, or even paralysis.

Our client exhibited significant weakness in the legs and back and neck prior to the accident. Naturally, the accident did not help his already serious condition. Thankfully, New York Law recognizes an individual's right to recover sums of money for negligent conduct of individuals and property owners that result in exacerbations of pre-existing conditions, and also for individuals whose previous injuries make them more susceptible to serious injury.

At mediation, Raphaelson & Levine secured a $450,000 slip and fall injury settlement for our client.

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