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Freeport, NY

Our client, a young single mother, was parked alongside Main Street in Freeport, New York. She was beginning her day and had stopped to get a cup of coffee. After exiting her car she was struck by a mass transit bus from behind. The out of control bus smashed into her throwing her into her vehicle, and ultimately crashed into another car further up the roadway.

The impact resulted in our client sustained numerous injuries, including an elbow dislocation, knee derangement, liver laceration, and other internal injuries. She underwent a surgical procedure to her knee. Our law firm aggressively litigated the lawsuit claim in Nassau Supreme Court, securing numerous internal documents that included zonar records (showing the bus was speeding). We also took multiple depositions which allowed us to establish that the defendants had changed their story in what we believed was hope at avoiding the finding of their liability.

Through the use of expert medical witnesses, we created a life care plan and were able to provide not only for the client’s present needs but whatever the future holds. Andrew Levine said this settlement will allow the client to move on and care for herself and her son in the best possible way. New York Personal injury attorney Howard Raphaelson stated:

"It is another example of justice served on behalf of the Freeport community which we hold so dear to our heart."
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