Compensation Amount
Kings County Supreme Court
Brooklyn, NY

After a young teacher slipped and fell while attempting to enter the school where they worked, they turned to the injury lawyers at Raphaelson & Levine for help.

As a teacher in New York City, our client was unable to receive workers' compensation for her injury, meaning any claim must be filed directly against the city for their pain and suffering. The slip and fall injury, which resulted in a broken ankle which required a surgical procedure which included the use of a metal plate and screws.

Through diligent discovery and tedious depositions, our slip and fall attorneys identified an individual who had fallen the day before which proved to be powerful evidence. Along with an inspection report our firm unearthed in a freedom of information request, we discovered that the area causing fall accidents had been encumbered with snow and ice and was in fact deemed unacceptable in the weeks before the injury.

Our firm partnered with a sophisticated weather expert and worked closely with our client's surgeon to develop a future care plan and explain the significance of the injury in a visual manner through trial graphics and anatomy renderings. With a strong argument in hand, partner Andrew Levine successfully concluded negotiations by securing a $575,000 slip and fall accident settlement for our deserving client.

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