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New York, New York — January 12, 2012 — When a 52-year-old laborer backed into a piece of structural steel while bent over painting rebar on the ground, he suffered lumbar injuries that kept him from working for two years. New York Construction Injury Law Firm Raphaelson and Levine was there to help.

Raphaelson and Levine successfully argued a recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision applied to this case which held; objects that fall from the same level as a worker can be considered a violation of labor law section 240. Section 240, commonly known as the “ladder law,” applies to accidents involving construction workers injured as a result of a fall from a ladder, scaffold or other device and from injuries caused by falling objects.

“In addition to labor law section 240, we were also able to successfully argue that Section 241 (6) applied.” Partner Andrew Levine said, “We held the defendants liable for failure to comply with an industrial code section that required a work area free from tripping and other hazards. The defendants failed to provide a safe working area for our client, and as a result he was seriously and permanently injured.”

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