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Queens, NY

Our client, a toddler, was walking with her parents in their Queens neighborhood when she was bitten by an unleashed dog in the face, resulting in severe facial damage.

While on a walk the family came across a dog without a leash. The parents asked if the dog was friendly and were told yes and encouraged to pet the dog.

While gently petting the dog he snapped, biting our client in the face. Unbeknownst to the parents, this dog had done nearly the identical thing to a different young child approximately a year before. The young child required plastic surgery to address their wounds. Fortunately, she is on the road to recovery and remains undisputedly adorable.

Our firm immediately filed a lawsuit and obtained records confirming the dog's prior attack. This information is critical in a dog bite case in New York as the plaintiff is required to demonstrate prior vicious propensities of the dog to be entitled to compensation.

This is often referred to by lay people as the "free bite rule." Early and thorough investigation is critical to success in these cases. We also presented the medical evidence and photographic evidence in compelling fashion, demonstrating the extent of our precious client’s injuries. Within two months of being retained and a month of filing the lawsuit, partner Andrew Levine obtained the entire insurance policy for the defendants in addition to paying for the victim's medical expenses.

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