Compensation Amount
Bronx, NY

A student in the Bronx was injured when he was struck by a vehicle while crossing the street, in the crosswalk, with the right-of-way. At first, the insurance company for the vehicle involved in the collision denied the vehicle’s involvement in the accident.

This argument was promptly and successfully rebutted when we were able to obtain photographs of the defendant’s vehicle at the scene of the incident, along with a photograph depicting the driver.

The insurance company, after failing to succeed on its first argument, then argued that the collision was caused by our client when he entered the crosswalk when he had the “Don’t Walk” sign, which would make him substantially responsible for the accident.

Through our effective investigation, we were able to determine that the collision occurred near Bronx Community College, which has buildings equipped with video surveillance cameras.

We were able to obtain video footage depicting the accident, which indisputably showed that the defendant driver was 100% responsible for the accident. Given the extent of our client’s serious injuries, the insurance company promptly paid the full amount of its insurance policy.

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