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Bicycling for exercise and leisure is enjoyed by so many in New York and there are many bicycle-sharing programs in the city. More people than ever are commuting to work by bike for economic or environmental reasons. But bicycles and motor vehicles have an uneasy coexistence in New York City, and unfortunately, the increasing number of cyclists translates to more bicycle accidents.

Were you injured on a bike by the negligence of a motorist? It is important that your attorney understands your needs and believes in your case. Only then can your attorney explain those needs to the insurance adjusters or defense lawyers and convince them to make full amends.

At the Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, we are familiar with the severe injuries suffered by bicyclists when they are hit by cars. Our 20 years of personal injury advocacy enables us to hold drivers and their insurers accountable for the financial aftermath and personal harm caused by an accident.

Our firm handles bicycle accidents throughout New York City, including The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Contact us for a free lawyer consultation.

Establishing Liability For Car-Bike Accidents

Our accomplished trial lawyers go to the accident scene to understand the logistics of what happened. It is easier to argue the case — in negotiations or at trial — when we can see the collision through our client’s eyes. We take photos and talk to witnesses, and in many cases, we use accident reconstruction experts to identify the driver’s careless or reckless actions, such as:

  • Left turns without yielding
  • Abrupt right turns
  • Sideswiping or rear-ending
  • Drifting onto the bike lane or shoulder
  • Backing up or pulling out into traffic
  • Running a stop sign or traffic light
  • Opening a car door
  • Distracted driving

Drivers have excuses or blame the victim. Their vision was obscured by the sun, a tree branch or another car. The light was green. The kid darted out. The guy wasn’t wearing a bike helmet. Our lawyers can skillfully counter comparative negligence arguments that could nullify or reduce compensation. We focus on our client’s right to share the road and what the driver was doing wrong.

Personalized Attention For The Long Road To Recovery

We are known for results in big cases, and few cases are bigger than a bike rider hit squarely by a car or truck. Our significant verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims include recoveries for serious bike accidents: back and neck injuries, brain injury, broken legs, lacerations and road rash, and disabling injuries to shoulders, wrists, knees and feet. We work with many professionals to detail damages for medical care, lost income, disability, pain and suffering and other applicable compensation.

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