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Please Complete the below Confidential abuse questionnaire

We understand the sensitive nature of these horrific acts perpetrated by
Dr. Archibald. We look forward to honorably representing you in order to
bring some degree of justice for this predator’s horrific and long-standing

Our goal is to obtain as much information from you as we can in order
to assess, evaluate and determine how to best pursue each case against him, as
well as Madison Square Boys Club and Rockefeller University.

We understand that you have been dealing with the incredible effects
of this abuse. We understand how you have done your best to not think about
it as much as possible.

However, we urge you at this time, to be as open and
informative as possible. The descriptions of both his actions and the effects
on your life are the only way we can bring any degree of justice here.

Your identity will remain confidential to the public during this process
and it will not be used in any legal filings. However, we will have to use your
name with the defendants in order to make the claims on your behalf and to
have your claims substantiated.

What he has done has already occurred, the only question now is can
we accurately and effectively represent to the defendants what has occurred
and make them pay for what you have endured.

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