Hand, Wrist & Finger Injury Compensation

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Helping Injured Workers Recover Compensation

Serious hand injuries, including a broken wrist or fingers, can result in expensive medical bills and a loss of income while you’re recovering.

Aside from getting immediate medical attention — which should go without saying — if you experience a hand injury, your first step is to contact a reliable law firm. That is, not just any law firm, but a group of qualified and experienced attorneys who are familiar with construction site accidents, on-the-job injuries and have a deep understanding of New York personal injury law.

In addition to heeding your attorney’s advice, good protocol means taking care of some general proactive actions before a potential lawsuit is filed. Here are some basic steps when you experience a construction hand injury:

Steps To Follow After A Hand Injury

You should let your superior know what has occurred — and make absolutely sure to do so in writing. For your records, keep at least one copy of the dated notice you furnish to the employer. The workplace may or may not be helpful to you as you proceed, but they should be made aware of what took place that caused the injury to your hand, wrist or fingers. It is not necessary to personally notify them upfront that you may take legal action, but it is essential that a manager or other supervisor is notified as soon as possible. You must do so within 30 days in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in some states.

Report the Accident to the Workers’ Compensation Office

Look up your local workers’ compensation office and file any forms required to report the incident and file a New York construction injury claim. In the state of New York, for example, you will need to file a claim by filling out Form C-3 and sending it by mail to the nearest Workers’ Compensation Board. Be sure to do so within 2 years of the work accident that caused your construction hand injury.

Hand, Wrist, & Finger Injury Compensation

A lawyer who is familiar with work-related personal injury law will know exactly how to handle your potential suit. If you have a serious construction hand injury that occurred on the job, you may be eligible for damages well beyond general workers’ compensation benefits. Pay close attention to any advice given to you by your attorney, and follow it carefully to ensure you are properly compensated for your injury and any associated damages.

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