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Few people walk away from a motorcycle accident with injuries that are not serious or permanent, and in many cases, these accidents are fatal. Motorcyclists deserve the same respect on the road as any other vehicle. Vehicle and traffic laws uphold the rights of motorcyclists when the negligence of others causes them serious accidents, and at Raphaelson & Levine, we work hard to protect motorcyclists’ rights. You can count on Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm to set the story straight and fight for you. We know how to overcome the bias against bikers and how to portray the impact of injuries to secure significant compensation.

Establishing Liability for Motorcycle Accidents

The automobile driver, bystanders, and police often wrongfully assume that the motorcyclist has a greater responsibility than the driver of a motor vehicle and is at fault when an accident occurs. The report may say that the motorcyclist was speeding, weaving through traffic, or otherwise reckless. Motorcycle riders are often wrongfully presumed to be scofflaws.

Our experienced trial lawyers know how to focus the investigation to show that the driver of the car or truck was at fault:

  • Turning left without seeing an oncoming motorcycle
  • Changing lanes or sideswiping the bike
  • Tailgating or driving aggressively
  • Preoccupied with a cellphone or other distraction
  • Blowing through a stop sign or red light
  • Pulling out or backing out into traffic

We commonly use accident reconstruction specialists, human factors experts, and other professionals to make the case for liability. We are not afraid to invest in our cases and go all the way to trial to secure justice, as our notable verdicts and settlements illustrate.

Committed to Full Compensation

We have recovered significant compensation for injuries, future economic loss, and other damages sustained in motorcycle crashes. We have represented motorcyclists with spinal cord injuries, head trauma, broken bones, lost limbs, internal injuries, severe road rash, and other major injuries. The partners of our firm work closely with accident victims, family members and medical providers to document the extent of your injury and make a compelling case for damages. We bring wrongful death claims on behalf of family members who have lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents.

Integrity, Compassion, and Dedication

If we accept your case, we are prepared to bring in accident reconstructionist, vocational examiners, economists, and liability experts to document your substantial losses after the death of a loved one in a bike accident.

Our experienced trial lawyers invest great effort and significant resources in the injury and death cases that we take on. If we represent you, we will prepare your case as if for trial. See a sampling of some of our law firm’s significant verdicts and settlements to get an idea of how we have helped others recover compensation after serious accidents, including fatal motorcycle accidents.

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