Can a Driver's Car Seat Help Prevent an Accident?

In a recent blog post, we discussed the dangers associated with aggressive driving and how, annually, driving behaviors like tailgating, cutting other drivers off and speeding contribute to thousands of traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. Likewise, national statistics show that each year driving errors made by fatigued drivers are responsible for causing more than 1,500 deaths and 71,000 injuries.

Despite the inherent dangers associated with both aggressive and fatigued or drowsy driving, every day a significant percentage of drivers in New York City allow their emotions to get the best of and negatively affect their driving or drive when they are too tired to safely do so. However, the makers of a new "health-monitoring car seat," are hopeful that the technology they spent years designing, developing, and testing will help stressed-out drivers relax and sleepy drivers wake up.

Using a system of sensors, the Active Wellness seat monitors a driver’s vital health signs to determine his or her heart rate, respiration, and overall stress and energy levels. Based on the system's reading of a driver, the seat may adjust to provide a driver with a relaxing massage or a cool burst of air. The makers of the seat, the French company Faurecia, are confident in the health benefits their product will provide to individual drivers. Additionally, they are hopeful that their product will help reduce traffic accidents and promote public safety.

As carmakers and manufacturers continue to shift their focus from preventing motor vehicle accident-related injuries and deaths to preventing motor vehicle accidents altogether, safety technologies and innovations like the Active Wellness seat are becoming more and more common.

While these types of safety innovations are sure to benefit drivers and help reduce the number of traffic accidents, it’s likely that thousands of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians will continue to be victims of aggressive and fatigued drivers each year.]

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