1 Dead in Commuter NJ Transit Train Accident at Hoboken Station

Andrew Levine
Partner, Attorney
Train Tipped On Side

Today’s Train accident in Hoboken was a horrible tragedy and reports are that more than 100 people have been injured. There has also sadly been a report of one fatality. Our region has faced some very sad news in the last few weeks. Although we all understand that unfortunately accidents are not something that can be avoided and although sad is part of everyone’s life, a horrible accident like this morning’s train accident will affect many families and many people in our region.

One person is reported dead and many others were injured this morning. An NJ Transit train crashed into the station in Hoboken at the height of this morning’s rush hour, leaving piles of rubble and causing part of Hoboken terminal to collapse. Preliminary reports suggest the accident involving train No. 1614 on the Pascack Valley Line may have been caused by operator error, according to law enforcement officials. Our prayers and best thoughts are sent to everyone that has been sadly affected by this horrible tragedy.

Accidents like this mornings are something that people can never prepare for. Accidents occur and immediately those directly and indirectly affected have their lives turned upside down. Accidents create tremendous pain and suffering as well as emotional problems, stress and anxiety, and economic problems that nobody could predict beforehand.

As accident lawyers, we are faced with the harsh realities of accidents and their effects on our clients and our community every day. We are always prepared to deal with every aspect of our client’s lives that are affected after an accident. With experience comes compassion and an understanding of the frustration and difficulty that follows accidents and the physical and emotional damages that our clients face after an accident.

Unfortunately, large accidents like today's are usually exceptionally difficult for our community. It is difficult to understand why these accidents occur and how we can prevent them from occurring again in the future. Raphaelson and Levine are experienced personal injury lawyers who have handled thousands of accidents, many of which have included train accidents. Raphaelson and Levine represented the family of a young man that was involved in a train accident involving the Air Train between Jamaica and JFK airport during the testing of the Train before it was opened for public use. During that accident, it was determined that the factors that were used to test and simulate passenger weight on the train were done improperly and were done in an unsafe manner. The train simulated the weight by placing concrete blocks inside the train. Unfortunately, the blocks were not properly secured and when the train went around a curve they fell and crushed our client, the operator of the train.

Raphaelson and Levine worked closely in that case with a second law firm that helped gain access to NTSB investigation and materials and were actually able to prove to the courts that the train should be shut down for a period of time so that Experts and Investigators hired on behalf our the family of our deceased client could properly examine the train and determine every factor that was necessary to properly prove our claim.

When a few years ago there was a significant Metro-North Train accident, Raphaelson and Levine was also retained by several clients to use the resources of the firm including experts, investigators, and former NTSB personnel.

Raphaelson & Levine is a personal injury law firm based in New York City with a reputation for winning multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for people who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

Founded in 1992, Raphaelson & Levine treats every client as if they are the only client in the firm. We are a law firm with the significant resources necessary to see every case through to trial if that’s what we believe it will take to secure the largest possible outcome for our clients. Our experienced team of lawyers and support staff work tirelessly for people who have been victims of accidents.

Andrew Levine
Partner, Attorney
Andrew J. Levine is a partner at Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, in New York, NY. A graduate of Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. Mr. Levine has been featured in New York Magazine as one of New York’s “Top Personal Injury Litigators” and recognized by Super Lawyers as a “Top Rated Personal Injury Attorney in New York.”

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