Compensation Amount
Bronx Supreme Court
Bronx, NY

Raphaelson & Levine Secure a Huge Victory For a Local 1 Union Bricklayer.

Our client was working on a 40 million dollar construction project in NYC. A cement buggy was not adequately secured and fell nearly four stories striking the scaffold planking our client was standing on, propelling him upward. (Imagine an anvil dropping on a seesaw.)


In the air, he impacted the scaffold decking above him and was falling towards the ground when he was able to save himself hanging on the now broken scaffolding.

His injuries included; his right shoulder, right knee, head, neck, and back. He required right shoulder surgery to repair torn ligaments since the trauma he's been unable to return to his job as it required heavy lifting.

The scaffolding accident not only affected him but his entire family. We worked closely with medical experts and economists to document his pain and suffering as well as the significant financial losses this incident created.

Our firm litigated the case extensively in Bronx Supreme Court, and ultimately yesterday, Andrew Levine and Howard Raphaelson resolved the matter at mediation. 2.4 million dollars was recovered for our client PLUS a full waiver of his workers' compensation lien bringing the total recovery to $2.75 million.

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