Construction Accident Settlements & Verdicts

New York State Laws recognize the rights of those that build, repair, restore, and modernize the buildings, roads, homes, schools, trains, utilities, escalators, elevators, and the general infrastructure of our city. These rights are recognized in labor laws that protect workers that are injured on-the-job during construction including scaffolding accidents, crane accidents, electrical accidents, welding accidents, ladder accidents, forklift accidents, elevator accidents, and nail gun accidents — among others.

If you’ve been injured on a construction site and have questions about your legal rights, construction lawsuits, or your next steps, we invite you to speak with a construction accident lawyer at our firm. To request a free consultation, please the free lawyer consultation form or call 212-268-3222.

Below are examples of construction accident settlements and verdicts we have secure for our clients.

$8.5M Building Collapse Settlement
A landmark settlement for a 10-year-old boy whose leg was amputated after being buried under a pile of concrete after the wall of a building on the Grand Concourse collapsed on him. The building's owner received a violation for failure to maintain the exterior building wall, and the family hired our firm to receive justice. While headed to their dad's apartment, looking forward to a sunny day...
$6.4 Million 'Struck by Falling Object' Construction Injury Settlement
Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm won $6.4 million for a New York construction worker crushed by a 1,500-pound steel piece, emphasizing the dangers in the construction industry. This victory underlines our firm's commitment to worker safety, leveraging Labor Law 240, or the "Scaffold Law," which mandates strict safety measures for workers at construction sites.
$5.75M Construction Accident Settlement
Raphaelson & Levine recovered $5,750,000.00 for an injured construction worker whose life was permanently impacted by a fall-from-heights accident. "Howard Raphaelson and Andrew Levine were an awesome legal team that worked hard and were a tremendous support to my wife and me after my accident. The team at Raphaelson & Levine worked hard and never stopped moving forward and aggressively...
$5M Restaurant Ladder Injury Claim
Our client was performing a speaker installation at an upscale Long Island restaurant when a defective ladder led to a serious fall, causing a traumatic brain injury. Through aggressive litigation and expert negotiation, we secured a $5 million settlement, ensuring the client's future needs and reinforcing the critical importance of safety in all construction projects.
$3.75 Million in a Settlement on Behalf of a Carpenter
Raphaelson & Levine recently recovered $3,750,000 in a settlement on behalf of a carpenter...
$2.75M Scaffolding Accident Settlement
Our client was working on a 40 million dollar construction project in NYC. A cement buggy was not adequately secured and fell nearly four stories striking the scaffold planking our client was standing on, propelling him upward. (Imagine an anvil dropping on a seesaw.) In the air, he impacted the scaffold decking above him and was falling towards the ground when he was able to save himself...
$2.5M Construction Fall Injury Pre-Trial Settlement
After a laborer was injured while working at a large scale construction project in downtown New York City, they turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help. Our client was hired to place waterproofing material down on a partially demolished roof on a property owned by the City of New York but was not provided with any safety equipment or fall protection.Suddenly, the roof he was standing on...
$2.5M Construction Accident Settlement
A 46-year-old union electrician slipped and fell on ice due to the defendant's failure to keep the worksite safe. As a result, he needed surgery in both his cervical and lumbar spine and could not return to work. The Defendants claimed that the plaintiff was responsible for his accident and that he tripped over a part of the structure causing his accident...
$2.4M Scaffolding Accident Settlement
Our client, a union bricklayer, suffered extensive injuries in an accident occurring at PS 96 in the Bronx. A large and unsecured container full of concrete rocks fell five stories and landed on the scaffolding where he was working. Although the container missed hitting our client directly, it sent him flying into the air and caused him to land back on the scaffolding and suffer numerous...
$2.25M Scaffold Fall Settlement
The victim, a construction mason, fell 45 feet from unstable scaffolding on a job site in Rockland County, NY. The fall resulted in serious injuries to his back, hip, and knee, including broken bones in his neck, back, and knee, hip fractures, and spinal cord as well as a 12-centimeter laceration of the left leg. The scaffold fall injuries required multiple surgeries to put in (then take out)...
$2M For a NYC Construction Worker
Raphaelson & Levine were able to bring Justice for a Chinese immigrant living the American dream working on skyscrapers in New York City.
$2.0M Brooklyn Construction Worker Injury Claim
Our client, a Brooklyn construction worker, suffered shoulder tears requiring surgery in both arms when an unsecured board tipped and caused him to fall through the floor on their construction site. Despite the initial trauma, we secured a substantial $2 million settlement at a mediation

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