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In New York City, new skyscrapers are being built every day at great risk to the heroic men and women who risk life and limb to build these towering structures.

Raphaelson and Levine recently recovered $3,750,000 in a settlement on behalf of a carpenter who was injured while working atop one such New York skyscraper. The entire team at the firm worked tirelessly to secure this recovery for the worker, who sustained brain and neck injuries that required surgery. He was never able to return to work, and his ability to perform any of his pre-accident activities was severely limited.

The defendants were the property owners, general contractors and subcontractors that had been delegated with the authority to act on behalf of the general contractor and owner.

Large construction companies in New York that pretend to self-regulate and to micro-analyze every practice and procedure to ensure safety often are the first to walk away from the men and women that they are charged with protecting as soon as those ones are injured. Thus, it is not surprising that from the day of the accident until the day this case was resolved, the defendants fought tirelessly to avoid liability.

Thankfully, the state of New York has enacted legal protections ensuring that every worker is entitled to a safe place to work. Two sections of the New York Industrial Code, Sections 240 and 241(6) have been used by Raphaelson and Levine to recover many multimillion-dollar awards for clients who have been injured in accidents such as this one.

Weighing all the evidence and professional testimony presented on behalf of our client, the court evaluated how the accident occurred and plainly and directly told the defendants, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ACCIDENT. At Raphaelson and Levine, results like this come from years of hard work, determination and a core desire to help our clients.

On the day our client’s case was resolved, everyone at Raphaelson and Levine rejoiced, knowing that this brave and courageous man will receive financial support that allows him to get the medical and life care resources that he requires.

We are proud of our life’s work and proud to be considered New York’s voice of the Injured.

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