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Crowded New York City streets, unfortunately, set the scene for many bicycle-related accidents. Even cautious bicycle riders can unexpectedly become victims of accidents caused by careless motorists who hit riders or by passengers hastily swinging open car doors into bicycle lanes knocking bikers off-balance. Pedestrians also are sometimes victims when they are hit by bicycles while rightfully crossing streets in designated crosswalks.

According to the most recent statistics offered by city officials, 1,260 cyclists were injured in crashes and 172 pedestrians were hit by cyclists in 2017. Sadly, every year there is also a small percentage of fatalities occurring with both types of accidents. At Raphaelson & Levine, we represent bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers and passengers who are harmed by any type of bicycle accident. Victims often lose wages, suffer ongoing pain, or have costly medical bills. If you’ve been a victim of a bicycle accident, our attorneys can answer any questions you have and help you to determine if you have a personal injury case.


$125,000 Bicycle injury Settlement

Mediation at National Arbitration and Mediation
Cyclist Injured By “Dooring” Incident After Passenger Swung Open A Car Door

$95,000 Pedestrian Injury Settlement

New York State Supreme Court/Mediation
Negligent Cyclist Hit Victim Causing Severe Dental Injuries

$500K Bicycle Injury Award

Nassau Supreme Court Judicial Mediation
Knee and Back Injuries Needing Surgical Intervention From Car Accident

$125K Bicycle Injury Settlement

When a New York cyclist was “doored” while riding her bicycle in NYC’s lower east side, they turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help.

As many city residents have turned to bikes as a primary mode of transportation, “dooring” has become an all too common occurrence – where a driver or passenger of a car suddenly opens a door into the bicyclist path striking them or knocking them off.

Typically buffer zones around the bike paths are limited to two feet while the typical door swing can reach up to four feet. This creates a serious hazard if people exiting vehicles are not cautious and look before blindly swinging their door open. Our client was riding south on Second Avenue when the rear passenger door was swung open directly impacting her right hand and breaking her right index finger. Incredibly she did not fall from her bike and was able to avoid other injuries.

Fortunately, our client had an excellent medical recovery and testified she had no limitations and could perform all activities as she did prior to the incident. The defendants had argued they didn’t strike our client and that our client was not in the bike lane. Our office recreated the incident with an exemplary vehicle and demonstrated the door would swing into our client’s path and that the defendant was the cause of the crash. During mediation at National Arbitration and Mediation, Partner Andrew Levine successfully obtained a settlement of $125,000 for the injured cyclist.


$95K Bike Accident

Our firm represented a young mother who was struck by a bicyclist on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our client was crossing in the crosswalk when the bicycle, traveling over 20 miles per hour, struck her knocking her to the ground. As a result of the impact she lost two teeth and fractured an additional two teeth. Her dental injuries were treated via the placement of implants and veneers. Andrew Levine brought a lawsuit against the bicyclist in New York Supreme Court. At mediation Andrew obtained a settlement of $95,000.


$500K Bicycle Injury Settlement

After being struck by a large vehicle on the way to work, a bicyclist hired Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm seeking justice and compensation for their injuries. Thanks to the uncompromising representation of Andrew Levine, we are proud to announce that the bicycle injury claim has been successfully resolved for over half a million dollars.

Bicyclist v. Large Vehicle

The victim, a hard-working dishwasher at a popular local restaurant, was riding a bike on the way to work along Roslyn Road in Nassau County, NY when they were struck from behind. The defendant, operating a Cadillac Escalade, crashed into the rear tire of the bicycle, claiming to have not seen the rider on the side of the road.

The collision resulted in the bicyclist being thrown off of the bicycle and onto the ground, sustaining injuries to the lower back and knee in the process. As a result of the impact, the cyclist underwent a knee arthroscopy as well as a microdiscectomy, a procedure where part of an intervertebral disc is removed.

Shortly after the crash, the blame game began.

Opposition Tries To Deflect The Issues

Our client, the bicyclist, had worked at various restaurants since emigrating to the United States. Rising from a dishwasher to cook, he had worked tirelessly to provide for his family who resided in El Salvador.

The defendants sought to exploit his immigration status in an effort to deflect from the serious injuries suffered during the collision and his inability to work. When that argument failed, they looked to place responsibility for the collision on our client.

Raphaelson & Levine Fight Back

Andrew Levine vigorously litigated the matter in the Nassau Supreme Court, taking key deposition testimony that allowed him to argue that his client was completely free of any fault and the defendant was 100 percent at fault.

While the surgical procedures did help, the victim continues to have pain. He refused to compromise and demanded that his client be fully compensated irrespective of his immigration status.

Result: Judge Awards $500,000 Bicycle Injury Settlement

Andrew Levine successfully resolved the case at mediation before the Honorable Joseph Spinola, who awarded our client a personal injury settlement of over half a million dollars. He is proud that justice was delivered and hope this serves as a reminder to drivers throughout New York of their responsibility to share the road.

Distracted driving affects more people than just the driver. A serious bicycle injury can change a person’s life forever, being aware of the pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycles that share the road each day can help prevent injuries from occurring.

If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident in New York, contact Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm to discuss your legal options with a bicycle accident lawyer today. For more information call 212-268-322 or complete the free consultation form below.


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