New York Tractor-trailer Accident Injures Two

A tractor-trailer, carrying a load of plastic coat hangers, rolled over on a New York highway. The truck accident happened during rush hour when the truck went into the westbound lane and tipped over. The accident also involved two SUVs driven by a Vermont man and a man from New Jersey. The driver of the truck injured his ankle and complained of pelvic pain. One of the SUV drivers fractured and dislocated his elbow and lower arm. They were taken to local hospitals. The other SUV driver was not injured.

Police reported that extreme speed was the major factor in the rollover accident. The truck driver was given a ticket for unsafe speed and failure to keep right. He was also ticketed for defective brakes on the trailer.

In response to the accident, two New York legislators renewed calls for the state to review the road conditions along that highway. This is the second time this year the two legislators have asked for a safety assessment of the highway. They want the study to focus on traffic speed, the condition of the road, signs, and other safety factors. The latest accident is one of several serious accidents involving tractor-trailers or tanker trucks that have lost control on the road.

Truck accidents have the potential to be much more dangerous than motor vehicle traffic accidents, due to the great weight and size of most trucks. Many trucks also transport hazardous loads that can pose additional risks in the event that the truck is tipped over or the truck contents spill during an accident. Like motor vehicle accidents, trucking accidents can occur as a result of a variety of factors. Determining liability in trucking-related accidents can be much more complicated than doing so for everyday motor vehicle accidents. Truck accident attorneys can help their clients recover appropriate damages for their injuries including any pain and suffering, loss of wages, and medical expenses. A legal professional should coordinate a detailed investigation into the accident and guide you through the twists and turns such legal cases can take.

Source:, "Crash renews safety calls: Speed is blamed in rollover; legislators urge road study" Kenneth C. Crowe II, Jul. 16, 2013

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