Car Accident Settlements & Verdicts

The streets of New York City and the surrounding areas are generally so busy that even the most careful driver can be involved in an accident solely as a result of the recklessness and negligence of another driver. We represent drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists who have been injured as a result of many different types of car accident scenarios.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in New York, our car accident lawyers can answer your questions and help you determine if you have a case and how much your car accident lawsuit may be worth.

Below are examples of recent car accident settlements obtained by our firm, which can help you estimate how much to expect from a car accident settlement.

Jury Verdict
$2.8 Million Rear-End Car Accident Trial Verdict
Two sisters were passengers in a car that was rear-ended, and each suffered painful injuries as a result of the accident. One sister sustained an injury to the intervertebral discs in her lumbar spine, and doctors diagnosed her as having herniations and bulges in her discs. She was treated with multiple injections to alleviate her pain. The second sister suffered from injuries...
$2.2 Million Head-On Car Accident Settlement
A woman was driving when her car was suddenly struck head-on by another driver, a female, who was recklessly speeding to pick up her child at school. As a result of the automobile crash, the victim was injured, suffering a severe head injury, along with a facial injury. The victim was examined by doctors and given diagnostic testing to determine the extent of her injuries. The victim had...
$1.5M Nassau County Auto Accident
Our client, a woman in her fifties, had a long-standing history of prior injuries including prior surgery to her spine, and extensive care to her neck, back and wrists. These were the precise injuries we secured compensation for. While New York Law does not permit recovery for injuries that pre-date an accident, it does permit recovery for the “exacerbation and aggravation” of those injuries...
Jury Verdict
$125K Verdict Three Car Accident
Raphaelson & Levine represented a victim who was involved in a three-car accident in Queens. For 3 1/2 years, the defendants refused to accept their responsibility for the accident. At the start of the trial, the defendants offered $30,000 to settle the matter, which we felt was wholly inadequate compensation for our client, and we proceeded forward with the trial. Litigation attorney...
$1.15M Rear-End Garbage Truck Crash
Our firm recovered a million-dollar award for a Bronx man injured in a rear-end collision with a New York City garbage truck.
$1.0M Construction Truck Crash
Our client was hit by a construction van, resulting in surgery on his back. After years of litigation, on the even of trial, our injury lawyers were able to recover a Million dollar settlement, the maximum available insurance compensation.
$900K Rear-End Accident to Photographer
Our client, a 49-year-old freelance photographer, was rear-ended by a truck while he was stopping at a red light. The collision exacerbated earlier injuries that the client sustained to his back. Our client had a long-standing herniated disc that he was previously advised required surgery. Our law firm successfully argued that the collision significantly worsened his condition. The matter...
$865K Truck Accident Settlement
Raphaelson & Levine represented a young man who was struck by a dump truck while driving his company vehicle. The impact resulted in injuries to his hips and lower back which ultimately required surgery. After extensive depositions and aggressive litigation in the Kings County Supreme Court, a motion was made to the court seeking a liability judgment. The court agreed and granted our client...
$825K Tow Truck Accident
Our office represented the estate of a young mother who was tragically struck and killed by a tow truck. Making the event even more unfortunate, the date of the accident was her youngest son’s birthday. Our office established that our client sustained “pre-impact” terror based on the testimony of the driver of the tow truck. At mediation prior to the start of trial, Steven Gershowitz and Howard...
$825K Brooklyn Car Accident
Raphaelson & Levine aggressively litigated on behalf of a young Brooklyn resident who was struck in the rear while driving along the Belt Parkway. Our client, who had a history of prior back pain and treatment, sustained a back injury to his lumbar spine (lower back). He attempted physical therapy but ultimately required back surgery. The case was very complex and contained a myriad of issues...
$750K Sideswipe Car Crash Settlement
A gourmet chef was injured as a passenger when the vehicle she was riding in was struck by a truck. The victim was an occupant of a vehicle that was parked alongside a curb of Jamaica Avenue, near 135th Street, in Queens. The vehicle's owner also occupied the vehicle. As the driver drove away from the curb and entered traffic, the vehicle collided with a truck. As a result of the impact...
$750K From Shaky Mechanic Service
Our firm litigates cases throughout the New York area, frequently battling on behalf of clients in Nassau County Supreme Court on Long Island. Throughout the legal community, the Nassau County Supreme Court is known as a conservative venue, one where defendants typically argue that juries will not award substantial compensation. In recent years, we have achieved great success by presenting...

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