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Our firm litigates cases throughout the New York area, frequently battling on behalf of clients in Nassau County Supreme Court on Long Island. Throughout the legal community, the Nassau County Supreme Court is known as a conservative venue, one where defendants typically argue that juries will not award substantial compensation.

In recent years, we have achieved great success by presenting our cases in a strong concise and direct manner, ensuring the victim's voice is heard, respected and justly awarded. Two recent awards speak to the firm's success in this challenging venue.

Case Result: Shaky Mechanic Service Leads to $750K Car Accident Award

Our client had his car serviced at a major Long Island car dealership, which included a tire rotation. Shortly after pulling out of the dealership one of the wheels on his vehicle came loose, falling off and causing the vehicle to come crashing down.

The resulting accident caused the driver to sustain severe spinal injuries which required surgery. At the time of the crash, he was out of work on an unrelated injury and he had been determined to be disabled by the worker's compensation board of New York.

After a thorough investigation, we proved the tire was improperly secured to the vehicle after the tire rotation service was completed.

We worked closely with the treating physician to establish the causal relation of the injuries and partnered with a life care planning expert, an economist, and a liability expert to build our case.

Following two mediations personal injury claim was resolved, earning the victim a $750,000 award.

Case Result: Elderly Victim Receives $250K Maximum Insurance Policy Award

Our client, an elderly individual, was rear-ended in Farmingdale, Long Island. While the victim described the impact as forceful, both vehicles involved appeared undamaged.

The defendants strenuously argued that it was impossible for our client to be injured due to the lack of any physical damage to either vehicle.

Raphaelson & Levine aggressively litigated the case obtaining pre-deposition summary judgment on the issue of liability. We were able to successfully argue that despite the lack of damage, that the client's positioning in the vehicle at the time of impact coupled with pre-existing degenerative changes made him extremely vulnerable to injuring his neck.

We proved that these factors lead to a neck injury that required a three-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

The defendant had insurance with limits of $250,000 per person. As the matter was placed on the trial calendar they defendants tendered the full limits of their policy and resolved the matter, earning our client the maximum policy award of $250,000.

Case Update: Raphaelson & Levine Win Pivotal Appeal vs. NYCHA

Our firm is fortunate enough to prevail in an appeal before the Appellate Division First Department, ensuring our client's voice will be heard in a court of law.

The case involved a seriously injured client who slipped and fell on ice along a residential sidewalk, with the adjacent property owned by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). The slip and fall accident resulted in the victim rupturing his quadriceps, an injury that required surgery.

New York City Law requires the adjacent property owner to remove snow and ice or they shall be liable for injuries that occur.

The defendants initially made a motion for Summary Judgment in the Supreme Court. The Judge denied the motion permitting the case to proceed to trial, and again the defendants appealed this order seeking to dismiss the case.

The appellate division agreed with our position and determined this matter should not be dismissed and our client gets to proceed to trial seeking justice.

Congratulations to Jason Krakower who argued the Appeal and Joseph Taylor on the assist. We look forward to continuing the fight for justice in this case.

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