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Supporting Airplane Accident Victims And Their Families

Planes are among the safest mode of transportation available today. While the percentages of death and serious injury caused by plane crashes account for only a small portion of transportation accidents, the results are almost always devastating to the families of the victims.

The Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured people and the families of fatal accident victims get full compensation for their losses and suffering. We are experienced, aggressive and determined to obtain the best possible result for every client.

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Experienced Advocates For Accident Victims And Their Families

When an airline disaster occurs in New York, victims and their families need the legal representation of a committed, resourceful lawyer to help them accomplish their goals. Those goals may include getting medical care and rehabilitation services, obtaining compensation for lost income and compensation for noneconomic losses.

At the Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, we have the experience, resources and technological ability to accomplish the individual goals of our clients. We understand that a large gap may exist between their needs and the financial resources available to them. The law can help them bridge that gap. Our goal when representing you will be to help you obtain all of the compensation and medical care you need to rebuild your life.

Investigating An Airplane Accident

Commercial airplane and general aviation accidents frequently involve casualties and are usually caused by mechanical problems or pilot error. The leading causes of these accidents include engine failures, controlled flight into terrain, approach and landing, loss of control, runway incursions, and weather (including turbulence).

In your case, our lawyers will organize and direct a team of aviation specialists such as aeronautical engineers, pilots, airplane maintenance professionals, and other experts. We will document the negligence of the responsible parties, place a value on the full amount of your losses and suffering, and seek the best possible result for you.

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