In New York City, thousands of commuters rely on the mass transit system for daily transportation. There is a reasonable expectation for the safety and security of passengers, bystanders, and other drivers, however, thousands of people are injured in train accidents, MTA bus accidents, subway accidents, and taxi accidents every year..

Over the past five years, 4,592 MTA injury cases have been resolved, forcing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority payouts of over $431 Million in MTA lawsuit settlements. Since 1992, the injury attorneys at Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm has helped many New York transit injury victims recover compensation through MTA lawsuit settlements.

Our law firm has litigated and prevailed on behalf of New Yorkers on a number of top MTA lawsuit motor vehicle accident settlements and verdicts throughout New York; Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a mass transit accident in NYC we can help you understand your rights, MTA lawsuit time requirements, and identify your best next steps. To speak with an accident lawyer, please complete the contact form or call 212-268-3222 for a free initial consultation. Our law office has represented many cases against the New York City Transit Authority and knows what it takes to win.

Below are examples of MTA accident lawsuit settlements we have recovered for our clients.

$2 Million Truck Accident Settlement
After a 43-year-old Pepsi Cola truck driver had their life altered by a reckless truck driver, they turned to Raphaelson & Levine for justice. Known as a family man and hard worker, our client loved working hard as a truck driver delivering Pepsi Cola while looking forward to watching his two sons play school sports after work. His life and American dream was torn away when a reckless truck...
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$750K Bus Rollover Accident
After visiting relatives in Texas, a 27-year-old Queens woman traveling on a commercial bus was injured when the bus lost control and rolled over. Howard Raphaelson negotiated the settlement for her injuries and suffering, securing a $750,000 award for the victim.
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$500K Bus Accident
Our client, a young single mother, was parked alongside Main Street in Freeport, New York. She was beginning her day and had stopped to get a cup of coffee. After exiting her car she was struck by a mass transit bus from behind. The out of control bus smashed into her throwing her into her vehicle, and ultimately crashed into another car further up the roadway. The impact resulted in our client...
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$500K Tractor Trailer Rear-End Accident
Our client was seriously injured when the vehicle he was traveling in was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on the BQE expressway(or I-278). While the vehicle in which he was traveling did not have a scratch we proved that his injuries were in fact caused by the accident. The deck was stacked against us from the start as the police report doubted whether the client was injured based on the fact...
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$87.5K Taxicab Accident
Raphaelson & Levine represented a man who was struck by a taxi in the Bronx, New York, which resulted in a broke his wrist and the wearing of a cast for a month and a half. The victim had hired another New York Law Firm but after five years, and no offers to resolve the case, he hired Raphaelson & Levine. Our firm assumed handling of the matter and quickly brought the case to trial in Bronx...
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