Compensation Amount

Trial Attorney Jason Krakower obtained a 100 percent verdict in favor of our client’s estate.  

Our client was tragically killed in a motor vehicle crash, when he was ejected from his motorcycle,  leaving behind a six-week-old daughter he never got to know and a fiancé who is still grieving years later.

The defendant, for five years, took a “no pay position”, blaming the accident entirely on our client.  Our firm never lost faith and tirelessly advocated for our client, giving his family a Voice in the process.  Andrew Levine handled the litigation and conducted key depositions of numerous police officers, thoroughly discrediting the defendants blame game.  Now through Jason’s courtroom wizardry the jury has spoken and delivered a loud thunderous measure of justice.

Our client was driving his motorcycle on Oriental Blvd in Brooklyn when the defendant made a right-hand turn and collided with our client, propelling him off of his motorcycle and into a telephone pole.  The Defendant was adamant that our client was speeding and illegally riding his motorcycle in the bicycle lane prior to the accident.  For five years the Defendant never made a single offer in the case, continuously arguing that the accident was completely our client’s fault.

At trial, Jason was able to prove that the Defendant was not keeping a proper lookout and should have seen our client on his motorcycle and avoided the accident.  The jury agreed and found the Defendant to be 100% at fault for the accident.

While the monetary award, which will help take care of our client’s daughter for life, is certainly fulfilling, the most gratifying part of the trial was being able to look the client’s fiancé in the eyes, who had to sit through the trial and listen to the horrifying account of how her fiancé died, and tell her that this accident was in no way his fault, providing her with some much-needed relief.

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