Wrongful Death Settlements & Verdicts

Losing a loved one can be a devastating and emotional time for families and friends. Wrongful death cases of all types are handled with sincere care and sensitivity by Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm.

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Below are examples of wrongful death lawsuit settlements we have secured for our clients.

$5.3M Fatal Train Accident Settlement
After a young father was killed as a result of a train accident in New York, his family contacted Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm for representation. Our firm successfully brought a wrongful death lawsuit against the defendants, which was resolved in a $5.3 million settlement for the family of the deceased.
$2.5M Airplane Crash Wrongful Death
A man was killed when the American Airlines aircraft he was traveling on suddenly crashed. A testament to his reputation among the legal community and expert negotiating skills, partner Howard Raphaelson was anointed chief negotiator by a panel of lawyers. Raphaelson was able to quickly recovered $2.5 million settlement on behalf of the deceased’s family.
$1.8M Car Crash Claim With Wrong-Way Driver
Our client was part of a family group whose Niagara Falls trip ended in tragedy due to a high-speed crash caused by a wrong-way driver. The crash resulted in the death of two brothers and severe injuries to another brother and a friend. Led by Andrew Levine and Corey Flick, we secured the maximum possible insurance coverage of $1.3 million for the grieving families, demonstrating our commitment to seeking justice even amidst profound loss.
$1.7M Record New York Wrongful Death Claim
Our client was an elderly man who was fatally injured by a delivery truck backing up recklessly through a Manhattan crosswalk, resulting in a severe pelvis injury and a heartrending 17 minutes of suffering. In a pursuit of justice, Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm, through the dedication of Andrew Levine and Dario Martinez, secured a record-setting $1.7 million settlement for the grieving family within the framework of New York's wrongful death law.
$1.5M Airline Disaster Wrongful Death
A 19-year-old woman was killed when American Airlines Flight 587 tragically crashed as a result of catastrophic engine failure. Raphaelson & Levine founding partner, Howard A. Raphaelson was able to establish that the more lenient laws of the Dominican Republic should apply to this matter. As a result of this argument, the defendants quickly settled the matter for $1.5 million.
$800K Airplane Engine Failure Wrongful Death
A child was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 587 that tragically crashed while en route to the Dominican Republic. The child was killed instantly, survived by a mother, and several siblings. Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm obtained an $800,000 settlement on behalf of the deceased child’s estate.
$500K Window Defect Wrongful Death
The Raphaelson Law Firm, P.C. represented the family of a 7-year-old boy who, while looking out his apartment window, was instantly killed when the defective window fell down and struck him on the back of the neck. An award was recovered from the owner of the apartment building, who repeatedly failed to make repairs in a run-down residential apartment building.
$250K Drunk Driver Accident
Raphaelson & Levine represented the surviving family members in a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver who struck and killed our client. Despite the Police report indicating that our client was at fault for the accident, we aggressively pursued the claim. We were able to reconstruct the accident through the use of multiple experts and establish that the driver was intoxicated and speeding...
Jury Verdict
Max Wrongful Death Car Accident Verdict
Trial Attorney Jason Krakower obtained a 100 percent verdict in favor of our client’s estate. ‍Our client was tragically killed in a motor vehicle crash, when he was ejected from his motorcycle, leaving behind a six-week-old daughter he never got to know and a fiancé who is still grieving years later. The defendant, for five years, took a “no pay position”, blaming the accident entirely on...

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