Premises Liability Settlements & Verdicts

When an individual is injured on the grounds of an apartment building, shopping mall, grocery store, hotel, nightclub or another premise in New York, they have the legal right to pursue compensation through a premise liability settlement or verdict.

Raphaelson and Levine Law Firm has secured top premise liability settlements for individuals injured due to negligent security, breached a duty of care and situations in which a property owner failed to responsibly ensure the safety of their property.

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Below are examples of premises liability settlements and verdicts we have secured for our clients.

$1.5M Warehouse Forklift Injury Claim
Our client was a warehouse worker for a flyer distributor and suffered a severe ankle injury requiring surgery when he was run over by a reversing forklift during an early morning shift. Our swift and focused litigation resulted in a record-setting recovery of $1.5 million within one year, demonstrating our commitment to securing justice for injured workers.
$1M Playground Injury Settlement
When a six-year-old suffered a playground injury due to negligent camp supervision, their family retained our firm to hold them responsible for their inactions. During the course of the day, the young child was playing with two other children on a tire swing. The victim was pushing the swing for their friends when the tire swing swung backward, aggressively colliding with their body. The...
$517K Supermarket Delivery Man Spinal Injury
A delivery man for Poland Spring fell down a staircase behind an A&P supermarket, aggravating a previous spinal injury. The staircase was behind the building and was used solely to deliver goods to the storage area for the supermarket. The staircase had accumulated dirt and debris and it had a sign putting the supermarket workers on notice of a dangerous condition. The sign said, “Safety...
$499K Amusement Park Injury Settlement
When a day at the amusement park turned into a nightmare, the victim of a serious injury turned to our firm for help. While coming down a water slide at a New York amusement park, our client was seriously injured, suffering a badly fractured ankle which required extensive surgery. The law in New York, known as Primary Assumption of the Risk, generally serves as a bar to lawsuits or claims...
$325K Uneven Sidewalk Pre-Trial Settlement
A young boy was injured when he fell over a mis-leveled sidewalk in New York City while walking back from school.New York City requires the home or property owner next to the sidewalk to keep it in good repair including repairing and addressing any tripping hazards - found in Section 7-210 of the NYC Administrative Code. This law provides a powerful remedy to anyone injured due to a dangerous...
$200K Broken Ankle Settlement
Our client had just exited her car when she stepped on a broken up driveway as she started to walk down the street. She broke her ankle and needed surgery to fix it. A construction company had been working in the area and we were able to show they damaged the driveway from their work. The homeowner also could not show the driveway had been well maintained before our client’s fall. As a result...
$187K Negligent Nightclub Security
A 28-year-old man was at a night club when a violent fight broke out. Our client was caught up in the melee and was ultimately slashed in his face by a club bouncer wielding a sharp metal object. The attack left our client with a permanent scar on his face. Andrew Levine and Howard Raphaelson were able to prove that the Night Club had a prior history of violence and failed to properly...
Negligent Landlord Smoke Inhalation Injury
We are proud to announce that last week, justice was delivered for a young Manhattan boy and his parents after they suffered due to their landlord’s negligence during an apartment fire in the Spring of 2015. Today, we are happy to disclose that both parents and the young child have made a full recovery from this incident! In 2015, the family sustained smoke inhalation injuries after a fire...
Six-Figure Gun Injury Settlement
When a young boy was severely injured after being shot by a pellet gun, his family turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help. The gun, a high powered pellet gun styled to look like a AR 15 was fired struck our client directly in the head, which resulted in a fractured skull. The pellet lodged in his shattered skull necessitated surgery to remove the pellet and place a plate at the fracture site...
Confidential Broken Finger Settlement
Justice was obtained for a client who was injured while shopping at a retail giant’s Westchester store. While observing clothing on a rack, the rack suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed, catching our client’s finger and causing it to break. We immediately reported the incident to the store, demanding that all video surveillance footage depicting the incident location be preserved as evidence...

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