NYC Construction Accident Protections

Construction workers in New York City have one of the most dangerous jobs that any worker can perform. Working at significant heights creates a serious danger that must always be safely protected against with any and all safety equipment and precautions. Safety training for construction workers is a MUST. Not only does work at heights create dangers but almost every aspect of construction work involves tools and materials and procedures that potentially can cause serious injury and in some situations grave INJURY.

City leaders in New York continue to stand by our construction workers to ensure more training, better safety precautions and ultimately a safer working environment. A well-trained worker is a safe worker.Last week our firm resolved a 4.5 Million case for a construction worker that was seriously injured as a result of a building that collapsed as a result of multiple violations of the NYC Department of buildings. Unfortunately that worker was a non -union worker that had not been provided safety training or the necessary safety equipment to prevent his injuries. One of the failings of companies that hire Non-Union workers is that they often don’t require training. In fact, NYCOSH has found that 80% of construction accident deaths involve non -union workers.

Last week’s case was all about worker safety and site safety. Our focus on the defendant's failure to provide each resulted in a summary judgment decision by the court. In other words, the court decided the defendant was responsible without even presenting the case to the jury. The Judge in the case said that as a matter of law there were not proper safety precautions to prevent the client's accident.It is always the intention of this office to ensure that the cases we resolve for construction workers will send the message to all employers that better training, better safety equipment, and safety precautions will prevent future accidents. The pain and suffering that occurs when safe practices are not followed are unfortunate, extreme and sad. In the case we resolved last week this office worked with construction experts, economists and life care planners to assess the needs of our client and his family for the remainder of his life.

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