Cyclist Struck By Bus Marks First Fatal Citi Bike Accident In New York History

Last updated: July 11, 2018

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Manhattan, N.Y. — We are saddened to hear of the fatal Citi Bike accident that occurred earlier this week in Manhattan, the first such accident of its kind since the introduction of the Citi Bike program to New York four years ago. The bicyclist was a family man with young children and there is obviously nothing that the law can ever provide to bring him back for his family.

Authorities are reporting the fatal Citi Bike accident occurred when the victim, 36-year-old Dan Hanegby, an investment banker from Brooklyn collided with a bus while attempting to avoid a parked vehicle in the Chelsea neighborhood. The collision, which caused Mr. Hanegby to lose control of the bicycle and fall under the bus’s rear tires, resulted in severe trauma. Police stated the victim was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital Center.

Catastrophic accidents can change the life of the victim and those they love in an instant.

In this case involving a chartered bus and a van only the police report will begin to tell the story of what happened on June 12 at 8:15 am. Our job as personal injury lawyers is to fight to provide the victims we represent and their families the maximum amount of compensation for their losses. Our advocacy for injury victims extends past the court room, our goal throughout the legal process is to help make our community safer, more orderly and ensure that people exercise caution and safety in all aspects of their lives.

Just a few years ago Mayor DiBlasio lowered the speed limit in NYC in an agenda that was called vision Zero. The purpose of the change was to drastically reduce New York City Traffic deaths. This Citi Bike tragedy proves that speed is not a limiting factor in catastrophic bicycle accidents, the condition of a roadway can also greatly affect safety. New York City roadways are extremely crowded and the condition of the roadways can make traveling by bicycle very dangerous. Pedestrians and bicyclists are always subject to safety issues and it is extremely critical that if you are on the roads, wether a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian that you use extreme caution.

In New York, a bicyclist struck in an accident with a motor vehicle is entitled to no fault benefits from the vehicle that struck you, regardless of fault. That includes up to $50,000 of coverage for medical and loss wages. In some situations a motor vehicle may have supplemental coverage over and above that amount, however in most occasions the limit and maximum available for medical and wages is $50,000. New York injury law also provides victim the right to damages including pain and suffering and wrongful death benefits.

Our firm has helped many cyclists and their families secure financial recompense after they have suffered a serious injury or wrongful death, including a recent $1.5 Million settlement for the family of a teacher struck by a NYPD van while crossing the street and a $500K settlement for a cyclist struck by a SUV on their way to work. Raphaelson and Levine has the resources and the experience to insure that our clients are recovering the maximum amount allowed under the law.

We fight hard for the victims, families and loved ones of those we represent and understand the difficulties they face after an accident. If you’ve been injured in a Citi Bike accident, we invite you to contact our law firm today for a free consultation. For more information about your rights after a bicycle accident, click here.



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