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MTA Lawsuit Settlements & Verdicts

Since 1992 Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm has helped commuters recover maximum MTA lawsuit settlements throughout New York.

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Raphaelson & Levine Has Helped Accident Victims Recover Over $500 Million In MTA Verdicts And Settlements

In New York City, thousands of commuters rely on the mass transit system for daily transportation. There is a reasonable expectation for the safety and security of passengers, bystanders, and other drivers, however, thousands of people are injured in the following MTA accidents as they rely upon the NYC transit system.

The following is a list of common MTA Accidents in New York:

Train Accidents

MTA Bus Accidents

Subway Accidents

Taxi Car accidents

Over the past five years, 4,592 MTA injury cases have been resolved, forcing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority payouts of over $431 Million in MTA lawsuit settlements. Since 1992, the injury attorneys at Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm has helped many New York transit injury victims recover compensation through MTA lawsuit settlements.

Our law firm has litigated and prevailed on behalf of New Yorkers on a number of top MTA lawsuit motor vehicle accident settlements and verdicts throughout New York; Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, and New Jersey.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a mass transit accident in NYC we can help you understand your rights, MTA lawsuit time requirements, and identify your best next steps. To speak with an accident lawyer, please complete the contact form or call 212-268-3222 for a free initial consultation. Our law office has represented many cases against the New York City Transit Authority and knows what it takes to win.


$5,300,000 Injury Settlement

Wrongful Death Caused By Train Accident

$2,500,000 Injury Settlement

Wrongful Death Caused By Airplane Accident

$750,000 Settlement

Queens Bus Rollover Accident

$1,300,000 injury Settlement

Bronx Pedestrian Injured By Commercial Vehicle

$500,000 Bus Accident Injury Settlement

Nassau County Rear-End Bus Accident

$87,500 injury Settlement

Bronx Pedestrian Struck By Taxi

Airplane Accident Settlement

The Law Firm of Raphaelson and Levine recently settled a case involving an elderly woman who suffered a serious injury on an airplane seat. The injury occurred just after she boarded the aircraft when she sat down on the seat she was assigned to and it collapsed.

At the time of the accident, the international flight was still on the ground, but the airline personnel did not seek to provide her with medical assistance before takeoff. The plane took off and, as a result, the woman was forced to sit in a broken and improperly positioned seat during the long flight. Due to this negligent decision made by airline personnel, our client was injured.

In court, the defendants initially denied the airplane passenger seat was broken, but it came to light during the discovery stage this was not the case. The court-ordered maintenance records proved the seat our client was given was broken, and the defendant was on notice of this condition.

The defendants tried to argue the plaintiff suffered a minor muscle injury, however, our law firm vehemently worked to prove this was not the situation. The reality was the plaintiff suffered a more severe muscle injury when the seat collapsed underneath her. The injury the plaintiff sustained affected all aspects of her life.

Before the accident, she was an active and vibrant frequent traveler, including trips to New York City. After the incident, she lost her ability to be independent. The plaintiff became confined to her home and was unable to perform even the simplest tasks, including cooking, shopping, attending church, and other daily chores. After extensive litigation in federal court, Howard Raphaelson was able to obtain a confidential multi-six-figure award for our client.

“This particular case highlights a fundamental principle of accident law that accepts the plaintiff as they come. In this case, that means just because the injured plaintiff was not a healthy young person has no bearing on the fact it caused a severe and permanent injury to our client, an elderly airline passenger.”
Howard RaphaelsonNYC Personal Injury Lawyer, Raphaelson & Levine

At Raphaelson and Levine, we are proud of our efforts for this wonderful person. Not only did this woman deserve to walk onto that airplane and be seated in a chair in perfect mechanical condition, but she also deserved to be treated with great respect rather than the callous and indifferent treatment she actually received.


$500K Bus Accident

Our client, a young single mother, was parked alongside Main Street in Freeport, New York. She was beginning her day and had stopped to get a cup of coffee. After exiting her car she was struck by a mass transit bus from behind. The out of control bus smashed into her throwing her into her vehicle, and ultimately crashed into another car further up the roadway.

The impact resulted in our client sustained numerous injuries, including an elbow dislocation, knee derangement, liver laceration, and other internal injuries. She underwent a surgical procedure to her knee. Our law firm aggressively litigated the lawsuit claim in Nassau Supreme Court, securing numerous internal documents that included zonar records (showing the bus was speeding). We also took multiple depositions which allowed us to establish that the defendants had changed their story in what we believed was hope at avoiding the finding of their liability.

Through the use of expert medical witnesses, we created a life care plan and were able to provide not only for the client’s present needs but whatever the future holds. Andrew Levine said this settlement will allow the client to move on and care for herself and her son in the best possible way. New York Personal injury attorney Howard Raphaelson stated:

“It is another example of justice served on behalf of the Freeport community which we hold so dear to our heart.”


$87.5K Taxicab Accident

Raphaelson & Levine represented a man who was struck by a taxi in the Bronx, New York, which resulted in a broke his wrist and the wearing of a cast for a month and a half. The victim had hired another New York Law Firm but after five years, and no offers to resolve the case, he hired Raphaelson & Levine. Our firm assumed handling of the matter and quickly brought the case to trial in Bronx Supreme Court. After New York Trial Lawyer Jason Krakower selected a jury and began an opening statement, the driver’s insurance company agreed to pay our client $87,500


$750K Bus Rollover Accident

After visiting relatives in Texas, a 27-year-old Queens woman traveling on a commercial bus was injured when the bus lost control and rolled over. Howard Raphaelson negotiated the settlement for her injuries and suffering, securing a $750,000 award for the victim.


$1.3M Commercial Vehicle Pedestrian Accident

The case was prepared and ready for trial. Three orthopedic surgeons concluded our client, a 50-year-old female resident of the Bronx and home nursing aid, would never return to work and would require an ankle fusion for her surgically repaired ankle fractures caused by a road supervisors failure to stop at a stop sign by Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx.

The supervisor blew the stop sign and then tried to argue to the police, while the plaintiff lay on the ground with a fractured and deformed ankle, that the women were to blame for the accident. Fortunately, a second pedestrian witnessed the entire accident, confronted the driver as he lied to the police and reported what she saw to the officer. That witness testified at the deposition and exposed the truth.

Although our client will never return to work again, with the help of an economist that explained not only her past but also future earning loss, medical bills, she will be well taken care of in the future. In addition to her economic loss which amounted to approx 500k, she will receive another $800k for her pain and suffering.

Raphaelson and Levine are proud of our recovery for this client and wish her and her family all the best in the future.

Unfortunately, serious pedestrian accidents occur on New York City roadways, so always use extra caution and keep in mind that even a trained road supervisor like the one that caused this accident, can be distracted from the rules of the road.


$2.5M Airplane Accident Settlement

A man was killed when the American Airlines aircraft he was traveling on suddenly crashed. As a result of expert negotiating skills, Howard Raphaelson was anointed chief negotiator by a panel of lawyers and quickly recovered a $2.5 million settlement on behalf of the deceased’s family.


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