Slip, Trip & Fall Settlements & Verdicts

Personal injury law, also known as tort law, encompasses any injury, harm, wrongdoing, or damage to a person, property, rights, or reputation caused by the negligence or actions of another party. Slip and fall lawsuits are the most common lawsuits brought in the United States. A personal injury can be devastating psychologically and financially, especially to families that may incur exorbitant medical bills as well as the loss of income if it is the main wage earner who has suffered an injury and is unable to work.

Below are examples of recent slip, trip, and fall lawsuit settlements and verdicts we have recovered for our clients.

$1.75M Worksite Fall Injury Settlement
Partner Howard Raphaelson recently resolved a case at mediation for $1.75 Million.The Plaintiff in the case sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury when he fell off his truck at a waste transfer station. The Defendant's fought the case in court for over 5 years. They claimed the Plaintiff was the cause of his accident and that...
$1.75M Fall From Heights Injury Award
After a truck driver fell from heights, suffering traumatic brain injury, they turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help.The serious injury occurred when the owner of the large warehouse located in New York City negligently and recklessly required our client, a truck driver, to go on top of this vehicle without the proper safety equipment or fall protection.Inevitably, the driver fell off the rig...
$1.75M Staircase Trip & Fall Pre-Trial Award
We are pleased to report that the firm successfully recovered compensation for a client who was seriously injured when he fell down an entire flight of stairs. He injured his spine and shoulder and required multiple surgeries to minimize and help relieve his pain. The case was settled at the time of Jury Selection in Orange County Supreme Court for the sum of $1.75 million dollars. Our client...
$1M Slip & Fall Lawsuit Settlement
After ordering lunch at her company cafeteria, our client slipped and fell on a wet, floor that a custodian had recently mopped. Those responsible for mopping the floor had not placed a sign indicating that it could be slippery and dangerous. Because of this negligence, our client suffered back and knee injuries requiring surgery as well as multiple medical procedures performed on her back...
Jury Verdict
$750K Slip & Fall Trial Verdict
Raphaelson & Levine recently represented a man who injured his neck and back after a slip and fall accident at a rental premise during the winter. The defendant, a New York landlord, hired a meteorologist to testify that freezing rain was actively falling at the time of the accident and had been for an hour and a half leading up to the accident. They argued that they were not responsible for...
$650K Pet Store Trip & Fall
A 55-year-old woman was shopping at a well known Pet Store in Manhattan. She tripped and fell over a portion of a shelf that was protruding into the shopping aisle. She suffered a shoulder fracture, which required surgical intervention. Andrew Levine and Howard Raphaelson were able to obtain $650,000 at mediation.
Jury Verdict
$600K Apartment Slip & Fall Settlement
Justice was recovered for a Bronx resident with prior health issues who was injured after their continuous written reports of a dangerous water condition in their apartment went ignored by their landlord, management, and superintendent. When a slip and fall resulted in further back injury, the victim turned to the experienced slip and fall attorneys Raphaelson & Levine for help.Our client...
Jury Verdict
$600K Trip & Fall Jury Verdict
Our client, a pedestrian simply walking through New York City, tripped and fell over a raised utility cover. The utility cover should not have protruded from the ground as it did since this created a severe tripping hazard for anyone. It just so happens that our client was the first to literally stumble across it. The negligence of the city had devastating consequences for her...
$575K Brooklyn Slip & Fall Lawsuit Award
After a young teacher slipped and fell while attempting to enter the school where they worked, they turned to the injury lawyers at Raphaelson & Levine for help. As a teacher in New York City, our client was unable to receive workers' compensation for her injury, meaning any claim must be filed directly against the city for their pain and suffering. The slip and fall injury, which resulted in...
$475K Brooklyn Housing Complex Trip & Fall Settlement
Our client, a nearly lifelong resident of an iconic Brooklyn housing complex, tripped and fell over an uneven sidewalk. She, unfortunately, sustained a fractured ankle which required surgery inserting plates and screws to stabilize her bones. Three years after the injury she remains in pain, has a limited range of motion, and the hardware that held her broken bones together is now a constant...
$450K Slip & Fall Settlement For Victim With Pre-Existing Injuries
After a 60-year-old New York man slipped and fell while exiting an elevator in his residential co-op building, he turned to Raphaelson & Levine for help. During our investigation, we identified witnesses who confirmed that wetness existed on the floor which the building owner was aware of prior to the incident. Additionally, there were no mats or warnings signs to prevent the accident. Also...
$275k Trip and Fall in Restaurant Settlement
After having lunch with her family, Ms. C. Ventura went to leave out the front door of the restaurant. A dangerous, camouflaged, hidden step at the door caused her to trip and fall, fracturing her ankle. As a result, she needed surgery to repair the ankle...

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