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Personal Injury Lawyer Queens

Our personal injury lawyers have been winning in Queens for over 30 years. We have the resources and understand what it takes to win.

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Personal injury is an area of law in which one person, group of people or business causes injury to another through negligence, whether willful or not. When it comes to trying personal injury cases in court, lawyers in Queens, New York consider whether the party that caused the serious injury used reasonable care. However, New York law varies considerably on what it considers reasonable care.

How Can Hiring A Personally Injury Lawyer In Queens Help You?

When you hire a personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit, you must be able to prove that the actions of the other party alone caused your serious injury. At our law firm, we’re prepared for the justifications the other party and his or her personal injury attorney might use such as:

  • You had a pre-existing condition that you’re trying to blame on the current accident.
  • You actually caused your own injuries.
  • You knew the risks of the activity and chose to partake anyway.
  • Your injuries are not as bad as you claim.

As experienced Queen’s personal injury lawyers, our team is prepared to refute every possible defense of the negligent party in your personal injury claim. Whether that’s hiring a medical expert to testify, visiting the accident scene multiple times, reviewing your medical records to determine that only the defendant’s careless behavior could have caused your injuries, or another action, the personal injury law office or Raphaelson & Levine has the resources and experienced attorneys to hold the other party accountable and demand that you receive fair compensation. You have suffered long enough. Contact us for a free consultation today at 212-268-3222.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations in New York

Residents of New York typically have three years from the date of the accident to contact a lawyer and initiate a personal injury lawsuit. If you wait even one day longer than that to hire a personal injury attorney, you forfeit your right to attempt to collect damages. The state also imposes different deadlines for other scenarios that fall under the general umbrella of personal injury:

  • One year and three months for a personal injury claim against a public authority, public benefit corporations, or the local government
  • Two years for a wrongful death claim.
  • Two years and six months for a dental or medical malpractice claim, including those against a podiatrist.
  • Three years for a property damage claim.
  • Five years for injury resulting from rape or another type of sexual offense.

“Due to the time-consuming nature of researching your case during the discovery phase, we urge you to schedule your free consultation with our law office near New York City as soon as possible.”

Howard Raphaelson – Personal Injury Lawyer, Raphaelson & Levine

How You Benefit From Working With Queens Personal Injury Lawyers 

While New York doesn’t require people filing a personal injury claim to obtain legal representation, you stand a much better chance of a successful outcome by working with our Queens personal injury lawyers from the start of your case.

As a plaintiff’s law firm since 1992, we have secured settlements for our clients that average 370 percent higher than injured people who chose not to work with a personal injury attorney. One reason for this is that people often feel desperate enough to accept the first offer they receive from the insurance company representing the other party. Our Queens personal injury attorneys, on the other hand, have years of negotiation experience with insurance companies as well as courtroom experience. You have enough to do just recovering from your serious injury, so let the attorneys at our law office do the rest. Here are just some duties we perform for personal injury cases:

  • Meet with you for a free consultation at our Manhattan personal injury law firm to learn more about your case and present your legal options.
  • Complete all paperwork required by insurance companies and other parties.
  • Determine who bears responsibility for causing your car accident, premises liability claim, construction site accident, or other types of personal injury.
  • Investigate your accident by interviewing witnesses, hiring an accident reconstruction specialist if necessary, reviewing the police report and medical records, and much more.
  • Calculate a fair compensation amount based on medical bills, time missed from work, the severity of your injuries, loss of personal property, and other losses.
  • File a personal injury claim with the insurance company representing the other party and begin the settlement negotiation process.
  • File a personal injury lawsuit if you do not receive prompt payment of your claims.
  • Continue to negotiate with the insurance company and proceed to a court trial if we feel that you have not received a fair settlement offer.

Although the above represents only a portion of what you can expect from your experienced personal injury attorney at Raphaelson & Levine, rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way.

Car Accident, Workers’ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, and More: Types of Personal Injuries We Accept:

Serious injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways, with motor vehicle accidents one of the most common. Although New York is a no-fault law when it comes to car accidents, you still have the right to sue for bodily injury caused by the negligent actions of another party.

Other common claims handled by our personal injury law firm include:

Construction Accidents:

While the workers’ compensation system in New York does not allow you to sue your employer directly for a construction accident, you may have a personal injury claim against a third party such as a contractor, supplier, or manufacturer.

Fall Accidents:

Tripping over an out-of-place item, falling from a high surface, or an object falling on someone all qualify as fall accidents and can result in a personal injury claim.

Medical Malpractice:

If you or a loved one received substandard care resulting in injury or worsening symptoms, you may be able to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the provider. However, his or her care must have been inferior in quality to what someone with similar training and experience would have provided.

Motorcycle Accidents:

It has been the experience of our Queens personal injury attorneys that motorcycle accidents cause some of the most serious injuries of all. This is easy to understand when you consider the size of a motorcycle and the fact that drivers and riders have no external protection.

Premises Liability:

Home and business owners may face a premises liability lawsuit if they failed to keep their property safe and you suffered a serious injury as a result. This applies even if the property owner didn’t know about the potential danger if a reasonable person would have acted to prevent people from becoming accident victims because of it.

Truck Accidents:

Personal injury involving truck accidents can be complex because several parties may share liability. Your Queens personal injury lawyer will determine whether the driver, trucking company, manufacturer, maintenance and repair technicians, or a combination of these acted in a manner negligent enough to cause your serious injury.

Workers’ Compensation:

Like construction accidents, you can’t sue your employer directly for an on-the-job injury but may have a personal injury case against another party. We’ve been representing New Yorker workers in Workers’ Compensation cases since 1992.

Wrongful death:

You have the legal right to appoint a personal representative to sue the party that caused the wrongful death of your loved one within two years of the date of his or her passing.

Trust Our Proven Track Record and Reserve Your Free Consultation Today

Raphaelson & Levine is pleased to offer legal representation to injured people in Queens, The Bronx, Astoria, Brooklyn, Long Island, Staten Island, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Jamaica, Flushing, Elmhurst, and all other communities near New York City. We collect no fee unless you win financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other personal and financial losses. Your personal injury attorney will discuss what to expect with the lawsuit process in greater detail when you come to our law office for your free initial consultation. Call today and speak with our experienced Queens injury lawyers at 212-268-3222.

Some Of Our Successful Queens Personal Injury Cases Include:

  • $250K Restaurant Trip & Fall Injury: As a result of the fall, the victim’s shoulder was dislocated which ultimately required arthroscopic surgery. Read More.
  • $750K Bus Rollover Accident: After visiting family in Texas, a 27-year-old Queens woman traveling on a commercial bus was severely injured when the bus crashed and rolled over.  Read More.
  • $400K Pedestrian Accident Settlement: Our firm litigated and mediated a claim in under one year in the Supreme Court, Queens for our client who was violently struck by a massive SUV. Read More.
  • $100K Settlement For Woman’s Broken Toes: Our firm represented a woman whose foot was run over by a vehicle. As a result, she sustained two broken toes. Read More.
  • Dog Bite Injury Settlement – Compensation- Maximum Policy: A tender age child was walking with her parents in their Queens neighborhood when she was attacked by an unleashed dog in her face, resulting in critical facial damage. Read More.
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