Personal Injury Settlements & Verdicts

Since 1992 our clients have been awarded some of the largest personal injury settlement and verdict amounts in the state of New York.

Raphaelson & Levine Has Helped Victims Recover More Than $500,000,000 in Verdicts and Settlements

Personal injury law, also known as tort law, encompasses any injury, harm, wrongdoing, or damage to a person, property, rights, or reputation caused by the negligence or actions of another party. Personal injury lawsuits are the most common type of lawsuit in the United States.

A personal injury can be devastating psychologically and financially, especially to families that may incur exorbitant medical bills as well as the loss of income if it is the main wage earner who has suffered an injury and is unable to work. A personal injury settlement can provide victims with the financial means to move forward after a serious accident.

  • $40,000,000 injury settlement

    Building Collapses On Child

  • $8,500,000 jury verdict

    Psychiatric Patient Forcefully Knocked To The Ground

  • $5,000,000 jury verdict

    Young Father Killed In A Train Accident

  • $3,250,000 injury settlement

    Child Paralyzed From Automobile Seating Design Defect

  • $2,250,000 injury settlement

    Mason Fell 45 Feet From Scaffold

  • $2,200,000 jury verdict

    Medical Error Results In Blindness

  • $1,950,000 injury settlement

    Driver Struck By Delivery Truck

  • $1,750,000 injury settlement

    Driver Struck By Delivery Truck

  • $1,700,000 jury verdict

    Husband And Wife Struck By Commercial Vehicle

  • $1,650,000 jury verdict

    Business Executive Tripped At Workplace

  • $1,100,000 trial verdict

    Union Paperhanger Falls At Work Site

  • $1,100,000 injury settlement

    Vehicle Struck By Falling Tree On Highway

  • $900,000 injury settlement

    Passenger In Auto Struck By Transit Bus

  • $900,000 injury settlement

    Rear End Vehicle Accident Requiring Back Surgery

  • $850,000 injury settlement

    Elevator Mechanic Struck By Counterweight

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