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Personal injury law, also known as tort law, encompasses any injury, harm, wrongdoing, or damage to a person, property, rights, or reputation caused by the negligence or actions of another party. Personal injury lawsuits are the most common lawsuits brought in the United States. A personal injury can be devastating psychologically and financially, especially to families that may incur exorbitant medical bills as well as the loss of income if it is the main wage earner who has suffered an injury and is unable to work.

Below are brief summaries of personal injury settlements we have secured for past clients.

Big Win Against Long Odds: Over $3,000,000
In 2009, Howard Raphaelson and Andrew Levine recovered a confidential seven-figure settlement for a 13-year-old boy who was paralyzed as a result of a seating design defect in a minivan. The firm’s determination to overcome all odds, including a courtroom battle against a giant auto manufacturing company, led to a legal victory for this very special boy. Although the defendant was forced to provide substantial compensation that will support this child for the remainder of his life, the manufacturer’s greatest failure was putting profits before passenger safety.

Pedestrian Knockdown: $750,000
A Brooklyn grandfather, daughter and two grandchildren were pedestrians on the sidewalk when an unlicensed driver lost control of his vehicle and ran into the family.

Trip-and-Fall: $650,000 Settlement
A 55-year-old woman was shopping at a well known Pet Store in Manhattan. She tripped and fell over a portion of a shelf that was protruding into the shopping aisle. She suffered a shoulder fracture, which required surgical intervention. Andrew Levine and Howard Raphaelson were able to obtain $650,000 at a mediation.

Exacerbation of Pre-existing Spinal Injury in NY: $517,000 Award
A delivery man for Poland Spring fell down a staircase behind an A&P supermarket, aggravating a previous spinal injury. The staircase was behind the building and was used solely to deliver goods to the storage area for the supermarket. The staircase had accumulated dirt and debris and it had a sign putting the supermarket workers on notice of a dangerous condition. The sign said, “Safety is not an accident. Clean it up, Wipe it up.” Unfortunately the sign was not located in an apparent place and although workers in the supermarket were aware of the dangerous condition, delivery people were not notified of the condition. The plaintiff had to be absent from work for a significant period of time and was required to undergo surgery to his lumbar. The plaintiff did have a previous injury to his spine; however, it was determined that this accident exacerbated this condition. New York Law provides compensation to accident victims for exacerbation, which our New York spinal injury lawyers were able to recover for the delivery man.

Pedestrian Knockdown with Leg Injury: $250,000
The firm represented a woman in her 80s that sustained a fracture of her leg requiring surgery. Our client claimed she was struck by a car that was backing out of a parking spot. The driver claimed he never hit our client and rather she simply lost her balance and fell. The Hospital records also indicated that she was injured when she lost her balance and fell. Despite the claims of the driver and the Hospital records, New York personal injury attorney Andrew Levine was able to establish there was contact between our client and the car and that the contact caused her to fall to the ground. As a result, Andrew was able to achieve a settlement in the amount of $250,000. This amount represented the full policy limit of the driver’s insurance.

Trip and Fall: $169,000 Award
Our firm represented a woman who tripped and fell on a depression in the pavement at a gas station in Brooklyn. Our client did not report the fall, and no one witnessed the accident. She did not receive medical treatment until the following day. She suffered a broken ankle and was placed in a cast. Our client unfortunately passed away due to a breathing condition prior to testifying in the case. Our firm continued to prosecute the case on the Estate’s behalf. Through aggressive litigation and pretrial discovery Andrew Levine was able to negotiate a settlement of $169,000.

Trip and Fall Settlements
In one month Andrew Levine has successfully resolved over 10 trip and fall cases. As the weather gets warmer property owners are reminded that they must fix their sidewalks. We will hold all property owners accountable for endangering the lives of New York City residents. In one particular case, Andrew Levine was able to resolve matter for a reasonable monetary amount in less than six months after the accident.

Slip and Fall Settlement in Brooklyn: $156,000
Personal injury lawyer Howard Raphaelson was able to obtain a settlement of $156,000 for a client that slipped and fell. Our client was walking up a driveway that was shared by 13 homes in Brooklyn. Ice had accumulated from an earlier storm and the property owners failed to clear it. As a result he slipped and fell sustaining a tear to his quadriceps tendon.

The property owners asked the judge to dismiss the lawsuit claiming that our client was solely responsible for the accident. In Kings County Supreme Court, our firm successfully argued on behalf of our client, and the judge denied the motion allowing the matter to proceed.
Howard Raphaelson resolved the case after appearing at a mediation.

Fall Resulting in Broken Shoulder: $150,000
Our personal injury lawyers successfully represented a woman who fell at a popular coffee store in Manhattan. Our client forgot there was a step outside the bathroom door and fell to the ground injuring her shoulder. She suffered a fracture in her arm, which did not require surgery and was treated conservatively. The step was not defective and in good condition at the time of the accident. Andrew Levine successfully argued that the presence of the step near a bathroom exit constituted a dangerous condition and violated the New York City Building Code. After extensive litigation, the matter was settled for $150,000.

Trip and Fall Resulting in Fractured Knee: $150,000
Our firm represented a client who tripped and fell on a broken curb in New York City and suffered a fractured knee. Our client required surgery to repair the fracture. He did not have any orthopedic follow-up or ongoing medical care over the two years of the litigation.
The medical reports indicated that our client fell in the street and not on the curb. If the defendants were able to prove this fact, it would have resulted in no recovery for our client. New York personal injury lawyer Andrew Levine aggressively litigated this matter in New York Supreme Court. Prior to trial, Andrew was able to negotiate a $150,000 settlement for our client.

Our Firm’s Clients Were Victorious in Two Bronx County Supreme Court Cases: $140,000
In the first action, Steven Gershowitz represented a woman who tripped and fell in a tree well. The tree well was under repair by an unknown contractor hired by the city at the time. Our client fell to the ground and struck her shoulder. This injury ultimately required surgery. Steven Gershowitz settled this matter during the third day of trial for $140,000. Steven said it is through lawsuits like this one that we will force the city to keep the streets and sidewalks safe for all New Yorkers.

In the second action, Jason Krakower was victorious for a client injured in a motor vehicle accident. Our client who was unseatbelted at the time sustained a shoulder and neck injury. The vehicles involved had no damage at all, and the Defendant had a Biomechanical Expert set to testify that it was impossible for anyone to be hurt in such a minor accident. Jason was still able to secure a substantial settlement during the trial’s second day.

Sprained Ankle Yields Six-Figure Settlement: $100,000
Our firm represented a woman who fell to the ground after inhaling noxious fumes. As a result of the fall she sustained an ankle injury. The ultimate diagnosis was a sprained ligament. No surgery was performed. Andrew Levine successfully argued that the Construction Company used an inappropriate sealer leading to the noxious fumes. Andrew also proved that the property owner failed to provide proper ventilation or supervision of the ongoing work. As a result our client received a $100,000 settlement the week before trial in Queens Supreme Court.

Bike Accident Results in Dental Injury: $95,000
Our firm represented a young mother who was struck by a bicyclist on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our client was crossing in the crosswalk when the bicycle, traveling over 20 miles per hour, struck her knocking her to the ground. As a result of the impact she lost two teeth and fractured an additional two teeth. Her dental injuries were treated via the placement of implants and veneers. Andrew Levine brought a lawsuit against the bicyclist in New York Supreme Court. At mediation Andrew obtained a settlement of $95,000.

Slip and Fall Injury Settlement in the Bronx: $75,000
Our client was visiting a building in Bronx County. As she was leaving she slipped on a wet step. Our client claimed that the super had mopped the step and failed to place a wet floor sign. At the deposition, the building representative denied this allegation and claimed that our client did not fall in the building and that the steps were dry. Andrew Levine and Dario Martinez were able to negotiate a $75,000 settlement to compensate our client for her shoulder injury.

Slip and Fall Resulting in Knee Injury: $85,000
Our firm represented a woman who was shopping in Chinatown when she slipped and fell. The store she was shopping in had scattered cardboard boxes on the floor to absorb rainwater. New York personal injury lawyer Howard Raphaelson successfully argued that the store acted improperly and should have had rubber rain mats that were secured to the floor. The firm’s client slipped and fell when the cardboard boxes shifted. She sustained a meniscal tear in her knee that required conservative medical care. Howard was able to recover $85,000 on behalf of our client.

Bronx Jury Awards 15-Year-Old Pedestrian $550,000
The firm represented a 15-year-old girl who was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street. The driver of the vehicle claimed he had the green light and that our client darted out in front of his vehicle. Our client sustained a herniated disc in her neck and treated with a chiropractor for four months. Trial attorney Jason Krakower tried the case in the Bronx Supreme Court and a jury returned a verdict in favor of our client for $550,000.

Sidewalk Misleveled a Danger
Our client tripped and fell on a sidewalk that was Misleveled by approximately 2 inches. The NYC Administrative code requires that the property owner adjacent to the sidewalk maintains the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition.
Our client tripped and fell on Third Avenue in the 20s in NYC. The adjacent property owner was a company associated with Toll Brothers, a well known builder and real estate developer. Toll argued that they didn’t fix the sidewalk since the adjacent sidewalk looked similar and the condition was “similar to other NYC sidewalks”. Obviously such an argument or claim does nothing to absolve the property owner from their obligations under the law. In our opinion such am attitude makes NYC more dangerous. We cannot excuse property owners from their obligations simply because other property owners similarly place the public at large in danger. NYC is a pedestrian city. The law requires and we deserve safe passage on NYC sidewalks.
This sidewalk is now fixed and our client now compensated.
Raphaelson and Levine has successfully litigated hundreds of trip and fall accidents that occurred on NYC sidewalks. We are well versed in the applicable regulations and our experience has led to large recoveries.

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