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Bicyclist Wins Big After Escalade Encounter Causes Injury

After being struck by a large vehicle on the way to work, a bicyclist hired Raphaelson & Levine Law Firm seeking justice and compensation for their injuries. Thanks to the uncompromising representation of Andrew [...]

By | April 13th, 2017|Categories: Bicycle Accidents, Case Results|

The Driver’s Guide To Surviving Pothole Season In New York

Spring -- the season that brings balmy days, budding trees, and colorful flowers to New York City streets also brings something much less welcome -- an increase in the number of potholes, and with [...]

By | April 4th, 2017|Categories: Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury|

National Work Zone Awareness Week Helps Save Lives

Construction workers on NYC roads make much-needed repairs and improvements that help keep us all safe. Yet the workers themselves face danger from motorists who drive carelessly through their work zones. More than 32,000 people [...]

By | April 3rd, 2017|Categories: Construction Accidents, Workplace Safety|

Manhattan Family Recovers After Landlord Boards Fire Escape

We are proud to announce that last week, justice was delivered for a young Manhattan boy and his parents after they suffered due to their landlord’s negligence during an apartment fire in the Spring of [...]

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