The Many and Unexpected Symptoms Associated With a TBI

Last month we wrote a post in which we discussed how roughly 14 percent of all traumatic brain injuries in the U.S. are suffered in motor vehicle accidents. While the initial financial burdens associated with medical care and lost wages are often discussed, damage suffered to the brain is permanent and these types of serious injuries impact every facet of an individual's life.

Cognitive impairments, memory problems, and sleep disturbances are just a few of the adverse symptoms with which TBI sufferers must learn to live. Additionally, changes in behavior, personality, and emotional responses are common after a TBI and such changes can be extremely difficult for both an individual and his or her family members to cope with.

In some cases, personality changes can be significant and result in a previously outgoing, happy and easygoing person being transformed into a reclusive, depressed, and anxious one. Indeed, a head injury can impact areas of the brain that control impulses and emotions, and the effects of these changes are often negative in nature.

For example, many TBI sufferers appear to lack empathy and become more very self-centered. Aggression is also frequently experienced and exhibited by brain injury survivors who may become easily frustrated and angered. Likewise, symptoms associated with depression and anxiety often manifest after a TBI and such symptoms are often exacerbated when an individual realizes that things that were previously easy are now a struggle.

Injuries suffered in car or truck accidents can permanently and negatively impact an individual's life in numerous ways. While the side effects of some injuries may not ever heal, compensation recovered in a lawsuit can help an individual and his or her family members obtain the best possible care and restore hope for a brighter future.


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Howard Raphaelson
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